Pregnancy is a beautiful season of anticipation and growth (literally).

However, it can also make your regular life a bit more complicated, to say the least.

From the symptoms that we deal with on a daily basis to the things we must know and remember and to everything we need, it’s a lot!


I know, I’m pregnant with my second and it hasn’t gotten easier this time around (actually, for me, it’s worse)!

Although there isn’t much we can do but to ride it out, there are ‘short-cuts’ we could take to make it go by a little easier.


From tacking morning sickness to helping you save money, here are 20 HACKS & TIPS you should TRY if you’re expecting!


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Disclosure: This post may include affiliate links to products that I have used and enjoyed. These are for your convenience. I do receive compensation without any increase to your own price.

1. Try a Sea Sickness Remedy!

I ran across the Sea-Band brand when I had heard pregnant moms using remedies commonly used against sea sickness to treat their morning sickness.

Turns out Sea-Band has already caught on to this trend since they have a specific band for pregnancy called the Sea-Band Mama.


What I love about this morning sickness hack is that you are not doing anything or ingesting anything that would require your doctor’s approval.

The Sea-Band is an acupressure wristband and works by applying a small force via a plastic button on the elastic band to a pressure point on your wrist.

The only thing that I can say is that it can get a little uncomfortable at first and you might even experience slight bruising on the area where the plastic button presses if your skin is super delicate.

Otherwise, it isn’t such a hassle and I completely forget I am wearing one not long after I put one on.

Best of all is that it actually worked for me, so it’s definitely worth a shot if morning (or all-day) sickness is something you are struggling a lot with this pregnancy.

I purchased this pack of one pair of Sea-Bands from Amazon for $4.39 so it wasn’t much of an investment, but it appears as though the prices do fluctuate and the current price has jumped to $8.03.

About a 50% hike, but still under $10.


It comes with a small plastic storage case and two lavender elastic bands.

Sea Band Via Amazon


2. Nausea Popsicles?

Another way to combat pregnancy nausea is by grabbing a nausea popsicle!

A lot of the times the main reason we experience terrible bouts of all-day sickness is due to dehydration and an empty stomach.

But at the same time, we can’t seem to keep anything down.

That’s where these icy treats come in!

For some reason, our body handles cold foods very well even when we’re nauseous, which makes this pregnancy hack so much more amazing because who doesn’t like popsicles!


I have included a few yummy nausea popsicle recipes that I found, but any popsicle recipe with ginger or citrus will get the job done (you can even make up your own!):


– Ginger Peach Green Tea Popsicles


Ginger Berry Popsicles (naturally paleo, vegan, gluten-free)


Citrus Ginger Pops


If you want to go the “make your own” route, you can use any type of ice cube tray or silicone molds you have on hand.


If you’re like me and want to make a legit looking popsicle, molds for these are also pretty easy find.

I purchased this mold via Walmart for $10.35 while Amazon has a popular one that is very similar one for $18.99.

I ended up brewing some of Stork Mama’s Morning Sickness Tea and making nausea pops out of that!

For reference, I used 1 teabag which gave me two small cups or 6 nausea pops!

Works like a charm and way easier to keep down!



If you find yourself not having enough time to make your own nausea pops you can always purchase citrus popsicles or ice cream at your local grocery store.


Another hack pregnant mommas use to keep hydrated and combat nausea, that I have seen on Pinterest, is freezing a bottle of Gatorade, using a box cutter to cut off the lid and then scooping it like ice cream.

Or you could just buy a Pedialyte/Electrolyte Popsicle, whichever is more practical for you!

Popsicle Molds Amazon Via Amazon


3. A Trick for When You Can’t Button Up Your Jeans Anymore!

Want to extend the life of your jeans while you’re pregnant?

Check out this neat trick!


All you need is a tight hair tie.

1. First, you loop it through the hole where the button is meant to go.

2. Then, you take that end and loop it back through itself except on the other side, like this.

3. Once you have tightened it, you can use the free loop and secure it onto your button.

4. Wah-lah!


Now you can wear your regular jeans even when you can’t button them up all the way!

Just make sure that you wear a long enough shirt or tank top to cover up the zipper area!

The only problem with this hack is that it is best meant for the early stages of pregnancy as once you gain an extensive amount of waist circumference it won’t be very effective in keeping your pants up.

Speaking of keeping your pants up, alone, the hair tie doesn’t hold up well, however when combined with the next hack you’ll be able to wear your regular jeans well into your second and maybe even third trimester!


4. Use the Belly Band When Your Belly Really Starts to Grow

The Belly Band was honestly one of the best investments I made during my first pregnancy, and I’m back to using it again this second pregnancy.

It allowed me to keep wearing my regular jeans for all the way up to the third trimester without having to spend a single dime on maternity jeans until I absolutely needed them.


Why not just buy maternity jeans if you’re going to anyways need them?

Well, I’ll just say that I didn’t want to spend any money on anything maternity unless absolutely necessary because they tend to be pricier and it just didn’t justify itself seeing that I would only be able to wear them during certain periods of my life.

Another thing is that maternity jeans tend to run on the larger scale so even the ones that I have from my first pregnancy are too big to wear even during my second trimester.


I say it really all depends on you and what you’re ok with.

Because I had the Belly Band I was able to get through my entire first pregnancy having only purchased one pair of maternity jeans, and even those I got for a great price from H&M.


I purchased mine here through Amazon two years back for the same price that it is still listed as and I can say I definitely don’t regret my purchase!


If you do choose to go the Belly Band route, you will find that doubling it up with the hair tie hack will prove very useful in keeping the appearance of buttoned jeans.

Here is the difference between me using the hair tie hack and not.

It’s a little difficult to tell due to the lighting (sorry!), but your buttons will bulge if not secured!

Regardless, you can always opt for longer shirts or sweater (depending on the season) to cover up the zipper flaps when even the hair tie hack becomes impossible.


Belly Band Amazon Via Amazon


5. Use Ginger and Citrus Scents to Fight Nausea

We all have heard about ginger and citrus being great remedies against morning sickness, but did you know that even their smell has anti-nausea properties?


Since our sense of smell is connected with our tasting sense, even the slight smell of something can stir up a ‘digestive’ response, whether good or bad.

Add in the fact that our senses are even more stimulated during pregnancy, smells really do have a huge effect on the extent of your all-day sickness.

This is where utilizing nausea fighting scents comes in.


You could either go out and find a candle or an aromatic air freshener that has a citrus or ginger scent, and then light them up once the nausea strikes!


I was really interested in how well this hack would work so I purchased essential oil citrus-infused aroma beads (since they’re not toxic like candles) just to see how well it works.

The one that I got was smaller but it was still very strong as it is meant to diffuse into the entire room.


All-in-all it really depends on which scents help you the most.

Citrus works best for me, and although it doesn’t completely eliminate the nausea, it does prevent nausea caused by aversive smells by covering them up!

So, you could try out this hack by visiting your local HomeGoods or TJMaxx and then just start going through the citrus and ginger smells to see which one is the most aromatic to you!

Or, who knows, maybe you’ll discover that another scent will actually work out even better!

Citrus Aroma Beads Via Amazon


6. Extend the Life of Your Pregnancy/Nursing Bra!

So first and foremost I want to say that buying a new bra(s) specifically dedicated to your pregnancy and the few months postpartum is a huge must.

You can expect your breasts to grow significantly throughout your pregnancy and even more if you end up breastfeeding.

Buying a comfortable bra that can grow with your breasts is essential to keeping your breasts happy.


That said, the best type of bras that you should look into are those that are wide banded, those that don’t have an underwire, and those that are made of cotton (especially for nightwear) (1).

Buying a cup size greater is also a good rule of thumb!


Now if you really want to extend the life of your bra, make sure that it comes with an extender.

Since you will be mostly guessing your future bra size, having an extender will allow you to still use your bra even if your breasts grow much more than anticipated.

It’s the best type of bra warranty out there and best of all you can use them for any of your other bras, provided you find their “extender match”.


The nursing bras I ended up getting from Amazon conveniently came with bra extenders, however, you can always purchase just the extender and use it with any bra that you would like instead.


Nursing Bra Amazon Via Amazon



7. Cover the ‘Nips’ with These Slips

Pregnancy means your breasts grow (I don’t know about you but this was one of the things my pre-pregnancy B cup was kind of looking forward to, lol).

It also means that you will also experience a lot of tenderness and swelling, especially in the nipple area.


It could get so uncomfortable that you might even resort to a no-touch policy!


I didn’t have any issues when I wore my bra, but as soon as I took at off to try to give the growing ladies a break, I would notice how sensitive my nipples really were.

Any rubbing from my shirt or dress would set me off, so I either had to put up with the bra or just go shirtless (which isn’t such a bad alternative but that doesn’t exactly mean that nothing every touches your nipples even accidentally).


Well, that’s not until I had the random idea of using those silicone nipple covers meant for going out bra-less and preventing your nipples from showing through your shirts, and… they worked out great!

Can’t believe no one has ever mentioned them before as they’re SUPER practical during pregnancy!

Nothing ever touches your nipples AND you can even lose the bra when going out as these even have a ‘lift’ option!


Nipple Covers Amazon Via Amazon


8. Tape Your Pregnancy Pain Away

I had never heard of Kinesio tape or of its amazing uses and benefits during my first pregnancy, which is a total bummer.

That is why I made sure to get me some, especially for when the bump gets bigger!


If you don’t know yet, Kinesio tape is literally body tape that is used primarily by athletes to support and allow muscles and joints to heal.

Why is it also a pregnancy hack?

Well, a growing baby can put a lot of strain on the rest of your body as the weight is disproportionately focused towards the front of your body which can actually do a lot of damage if not properly managed (I had no idea!)!


For one, it’s one of the main reasons for post-partum diastasis recti (ie. “the mommy pooch”) because the pressure of your baby pushing against your abdominal muscles with the help of gravity causes the tissue holding your abs together to stretch and thin (and sometimes even tear!).


Additionally, you like all other mothers (myself included) don’t all of a sudden get a 9 month long stay-cation as we await our lovely bundles, life continues and we along with it, pulling, straining, and picking up things like heavy toddlers.

We, naturally, also put tension on our abdominal and back muscles.


These are why supporting your belly is super important!

Kinesio taping and even a belly band (like the one you wear with your jeans) can really go a long way in offering your back and your abdominal muscles some much-needed relief and support.


The thing that sets Kinesio Taping apart is that you can tackle the pain and discomfort exactly where it is coming from.

Depending on what is bugging you, you can tape up your muscles and joints for immediate relief and support.

The possibilities are literally endless, and if you would like some general pregnancy taping techniques I put them all together in a helpful infographic from my post on “How to Have a Belly Only Pregnancy“.


Kinesio Taping Techniques For Pregnant Women


I will note that if you do intend on giving Kinesio taping a try, consult with your doctor first to get the ok (as you would with any type of intervention).

For best results, try to get your doctor or a certified physical therapist to help you with placement, and be sure to follow manufacturer instructions with placement and removal (the skin on your belly is super delicate and incorrect removal can result in unwanted stretch marks! BEWARE!)!


Kinesio Tape Amazon Via Amazon


9. Use a Pill Organizer to Fight Pregnancy Brain

It is so real (like really, studies have proven it)!

You literally start to forget everything when you’re pregnant (more common for some women than others), and there are certain things that you do not want to forget that are very important to the health and development of you and your baby like taking your prenatals!


I can not tell you how many times I have forgotten to take my daily dose of prenatal vitamins, and then other times I can’t remember if I had already taken the day’s daily dosage (not good!).

Life just gets so busy and when you add in pregnancy it can get real messy!

That is why I find this hack so awesome and important!


I decided to invest in a cute little pill organizer and put my daily doses of prenatals and omega supplements is their designated day slots so that I wouldn’t have to think about if I had taken my daily dose nor about how much of each I am supposed to take.

It all fits perfectly in there and it looks so much more organized!

And just so that I wouldn’t forget about taking them in the first place, I made sure that the organizer was really cute because cute things have a way of rewiring my brain on things and I look forward to using them (haha, I am not kidding).

Now I just need to remember what day it is (kidding, not kidding)!


Pill Box Amazon Via Amazon



71IZmT4K77L._SL1500_ Via Amazon


10. Make a Bedside Anti-Nausea Kit

One of the main culprits of morning sickness is an empty stomach.

If you didn’t snack on anything before bed your stomach has probably been at it digesting itself causing both the discomfort and nausea you feel in the morning.

And if you haven’t nibbled on anything before getting out of bed, your stomach is probably even more upset now that you have started moving all those juices around.

Prevent the preventable and get a snack basket next to your bed.


Yes, I said it, you have an awesome excuse for having go-to nausea preventing goodies within an arm’s reach of your bed so do it!


Some things you can fill your basket up with include pretzels, crackers, cereals, chex-mix, along with some anti-nausea candy and a water bottle.

Have these nearby and don’t forget to have a light snack before you go to bed and once you wake up!

Trust me, it makes a HUGE difference.


Here is my bedside anti-nausea kit and I’m loving it already.

I ended up purchasing this cute tribal basket from Amazon and so far it’s working out great.

I’ve also included my prenatal vitamins and omega DHA supplements in my kit as taking your prenatal before bed can also help prevent nausea!



basket 1 amazon Via Amazon
basket 2 amazon Via Amazon


11. Kick Pregnancy Insomnia’s Butt with this Pillow

Pregnancy is a real killer when it comes to sleep.

Waking up often because you need to pee. every. second. of. the. night.


Then add in the fact that once your baby is 20 weeks you will be restricted to one sleeping position until you deliver, good sleep quickly becomes a thought of the past.


However, momma, you don’t have to suffer like this!

Introducing the pregnancy pillow!


I’ll be honest, I did not purchase one the first time around.

Frankly, I didn’t see the need for one because my hefty decorative bed pillow (btw a great alternative hack also, and cheaper!) did an incredible job keeping me sleeping comfortably, and I wasn’t about to be stuck with an enormous pillow for which I had zero storage space for.

However, this time around, I wanted to give the fad a try and so I ordered the popular PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow (via Walmart, not Amazon because Ebates $$) and this is my take.



First off let me say that this pillow is very versatile!

I can’t believe that I never considered it useful beyond pregnancy because it really is!

Check out all of these recommended positions!

Via PharMeDoc

And although it’s huge it isn’t incredibly bulky so you could position it to your comfort needs.

Definitely better than my pillow, but that’s what I get for not giving it a try earlier.


I mean the awesome thing about online shopping is that a lot of the times you could easily return something that doesn’t work for you, so if you get a pregnancy pillow like the PharMeDoc and it doesn’t work for you there’s no loss!


I’ll say we’re keeping ours and I could already tell that I won’t be only one who enjoys it!


pillow 1 Via Amazon


12. Use a Postpartum Pillow to Prevent Headaches (and Diastasis Recti)

I introduce to you the Bümmaa pillow.

It’s the postpartum pillow you will need for your post-delivery perineum recovery and healing (more about that here), but the awesome thing is that not only does it help you sit on you sore bum, it also helps with your posture!


What does that have anything to do with pregnancy, headaches, and diastasis recti?

Well, posture plays a huge role when it comes to tension caused headaches, especially during pregnancy (another reason why you should wear a belly band and avoid wearing heels).

Posture also affects the way your body weight is distributed and so when your body isn’t correctly aligned your lower back and your abdominal muscles can take the hit causing back pain and contributing to postpartum diastasis recti (the mommy pooch).

bum-support Via Bümmaa


So, if you’re having terrible headaches, you might want to consider the early investment (you’ll need the pillow later on too!).


Here is my Bümmaa pillow.

I like this one versus the other pillows on the market because it’s not a hard, one size fits all type of pillow because, well, our butts aren’t all one size.

It is made from memory foam so it hugs your bum instead while still providing support (plus it’s also super cute!).




Bummaa_Redo_2048x2048 Via Bümmaa


13. Lay on Your Stomach Again Without Hurting Baby

Always lying on your left side whenever you want to lie down can get annoying over time.

Mix it up a little by laying on your stomach!

Let me explain…


Of course, I wouldn’t recommend lying on your stomach just like that when you’re pregnant, but if you happen to have a donut-shaped inflatable you could actually do it without harming your baby.

Although I still wouldn’t recommend laying like this for long stretches at a time as you are putting even more pressure on your already fragile abs, but once in a while, while you’re working on something or watching something, it’s definitely a convenient alternative and will give your hips a break!


Since I didn’t have one on hand I ended up purchasing this super cute one from Amazon, and since it’s summer it will perfectly double up for our upcoming vacation!


Donut Inflatable Via Amazon


14. Never Tie Your Shoelaces Again!

Once your belly starts getting really big, tieing your shoelaces can get tricky.

Sure you can get away with slip-on shoes for the rest of summer, but once the fall and winter come along, comfortable sneakers can be a common go-to.

So, what do you do then?


Well, you could ask those in the near vicinity to do it for you (which I would always opt for as my number one choice!), you could struggle through it and attempt at tieing them yourself when no one is around, or you could avoid the hassle and get some silicone no-tie shoelaces!

Since my toddler can’t tie shoelaces and is the one that is almost always around me, I, personally, don’t have much of a choice.

Silicone laces it is!


These were super easy and quick to put on and did make it much easier for me to put on my sneakers than if I would have to tie them.

Honestly, they’re kind of like slip-ons!


I ended up getting boring black because I prefer simple, but there is a wide variety of lace color options if you’re into that.


laceless Via Amazon


15. Combat Pregnancy Swelling with Some Compression Socks!

Swelling during pregnancy is super common, especially as you near the end of it.

Not only does it feel super gross and annoying, but it can make wearing your shoes almost impossible!

One hack that you could try to combat swelling in your feet is to wear compression socks.


Yes, they’re not super cute and they do remind me of my grandmother (that’s why I opted for the black ones instead of the nude ones!), but they do help reduce the swelling!

You could stick to wearing them only at home if they make you super uncomfortable.

I’d also recommend wearing them while you sleep since that is the best time to reduce the day’s swelling.


Another tip for reducing the swelling is to keep your feet elevated while you sit, so get comfortable (you can actually use the PharMeDoc for this as well!)!


71VQXO6CPWL._SL1100_ Via Amazon


Pregnancy Hacks

16. Get a Grabber!

Having a tough time bending down to grab things, get a grabber!

I never thought I would actually ever purchase one of these for myself, but I did it and I think I’m having way too much fun with it!


But in all seriousness, bending over is impossible when you’re pregnant, so this nifty tool is coming in handy!

One thing I will make note of is that although these things can be pretty neat and helpful they aren’t that great for picking up anything heavier than 5 pounds, as many of you already know.

So beware of that before you splurge.

This grabber has really come in handy having a toddler that loves to rearrange the house every waking moment of her day.

I found that it works super great when it comes to picking up toys scattered around the house since they’re all pretty light.


Another ‘extra hand’ option that you will probably appreciate is getting one of those long back scratchers.

You really never know how handy something is until you’re in the scenario of when you could really use it!


61HTk9jomAL._SX679_ Via Amazon


17. Purchase Clothes that You Could Wear When Not Pregnant

As I mentioned earlier, I really did not like the idea of spending a lot of money on clothes that I would only wear while pregnant, unless they were for a special occasion (like a wedding or your baby shower).

This actually saved me a lot of money since maternity clothes can get pretty pricy and it’s not always the cutest (unless you’re shopping on ASOS that is).


Here are are the styles that worked with me during pregnancy, even when my belly got super big, AND they’re items I wore after pregnancy too!


Shift Dresses

10836105-1-black Via ASOS

I love wearing shift dresses because they are super comfortable and loose (especially in the stomach area) and they never go out of style.

They’re my go-to if I’m just doing a quick errand and they give you that bit of dress without being too much.

I’ll admit that these can also be limited in their stretch so they’re limited to the first two trimesters, but nonetheless, they can sub the need for a maternity dress and you can wear them after pregnancy and still look cute!




Maxi Dresses

12023879-1-white Via ASOS

Like shift dresses, maxi dresses never go out of style.

The awesome thing about many maxi dresses is that many are very loose and some even stretchy, so if you have some in your closet already you can see which of them you could still wear!




Baggy/Flowy/Stretchy Shirts

9940644-1-ivory Via ASOS

Who doesn’t have a bunch of baggy, loose, or stretchy simple shirts in their closet?

I loved wearing these even before I was pregnant so I used them up all the way through pregnancy because many of them could still fit!

13156332-1-white Via ASOS



Large Sweaters

11032537-1-beige Via ASOS

Knit sweaters are perfect for the winter, especially if you’re pregnant.

Many can stretch pretty good, so if you find yourself needing a warmer top, these are great!




Anything Stretchy (Specifically Look for Spandex Options)

12408046-1-mauve Via ASOS

Now, all in all, anything stretchy is a good fit for pregnancy.

Most maternity wear is stretchy (like this dress that I bought for an upcoming wedding, which is also sold in regular petite).

I will warn that some fabrics might end up being ‘forever stretched’, so beware of which of your regular clothes you try to put on and avoid favorites!

Most clothes that are stretchy will be labeled as such in their online description, and if not just watch for the spandex in the fabric details.




Unavoidable Purchases Include…

There are purchases that I found unavoidable, so investing in these early on (if you expect to use them) will prove tremendously helpful, especially in the third trimester!

These include maternity tights, shapewear, at least 1-2 pants/jeans (or more, depending on how much you expect to wear in a week), a coat (if you want to button-up in the winter), and some special occasion clothes.


I will add that if you choose to stick with the belly band throughout your entire pregnancy, you might want to purchase the next size up in addition to your size since your belly towards the end of your pregnancy will make even that band uncomfortable to wear!



Other Ways to Save Money on Maternity Clothes…

Since you will be purchasing at least some maternity clothes, here are some ways you could save yourself a little bit of cash in the process.


1. If you’re shopping online, use Ebates!

I started using Ebates recently and I am so bummed out I didn’t start earlier!

I have already gotten $24 back just by simply clicking the ‘Activate Cash Back’ button on my browser right before I make my regular purchases.

If I’m already going to spend money, then why not get something in return!

Pregnancy Hacks


Check this out!

I just purchased two maternity dresses for an upcoming wedding and my baby shower via ASOS and got $2.56 back just like that!

I buy stuff from there ALL THE TIME.. why didn’t I start sooner!

Pregnancy Hacks Ebates.png


You can easily join and start saving too HERE!


Join Ebates today and get a $10 credit just for joining!newebates

When you click on the link and sign up for an Ebates account you can get a head start to your first payout. That’s great motivation for really taking this money saving thing seriously! Don’t pass up the opportunity!


2. Start browsing early!

If you know that you’ll need something, start shopping ahead of time!


First off, I’ll say that mall shopping will be the last thing you’ll want to be doing in your third trimester, so get it out of the way while you still enjoy walking around.


Secondly, more often than not you will always overspend when you need something urgently!

Make your list of maternity clothes that you need to buy and start browsing the web!

And while you’re at it, be on the lookout for deals!


Once you find something, you can use the Honey browser extension to see if the price has fluctuated at all, and then make your final decisions accordingly.

Oh, and never purchase anything without a coupon if you can help it!

So many online retailers will send you coupons over email (I used a coupon ASOS sent me for the above purchase) and they will also alert you when they are having blowout sales so be on the lookout!


3. Shop the maternity clothes on clearance (so much cute choices ALWAYS at ASOS).

I literally purchased most of my maternity clothes 50% off or more, no loss in the quality at all.

Sure you might not always get lucky with the sizes because they are popular items and go quickly.

That’s why I say watch your favorite stores as they will add new maternity clothes to their clearance line-up each day.


The first thing I do when I go browsing through the ASOS or H&M pages is click through their maternity clearance dresses, skirts, and pants/jeans because if it’s available and it’s cute and I need it, I’m buying!


4. Check out my recent post on saving money during pregnancy!

If this is a topic that really interests you can check out a recent post I wrote on the topic of saving money during pregnancy HERE.

This post is loaded with lots of other similarly helpful hacks and tips to saving money during your pregnancy if you are on a tight budget prepping for baby!


18. Use the Squatty Potty for Bathroom Breaks

Trying to go a number two gets tougher the further along you are in your pregnancy because of how compressed your bowels get due to your growing baby.

As a result, you can get uncomfortably backed up and constipated.


Apart from drinking prune juice and eating beans, there is another hack that can help you go during those terrible poo sessions.

The Squatty Potty is a toilet stool used to prop up your legs while you go number two.

The reason why this step works is that it allows your body to get into the most natural ‘poo position’ and it has actually been proven to be effective!

I have been using it and even I am shocked by the difference!


So if pregnancy constipation is giving you a hard time, this little potty hack can go a long way for you!


Squatty Potty Via Amazon


19. Get this App for Your Pregnancy Pictures!


Via BabyPics

I discovered the Baby Pics App on iOS while reading another blog post and I can say this is definitely a great hack for those of you mommas that like to take those weekly bump photos.

I actually recall seeing ads for this app just they were more geared towards monthly baby photos, so I had no idea they offered this feature as well.


It’s a paid app, but you get a free trial to try it out and can cancel at any time.


What I love about this app is that you have a wide range of ‘stickers’ that you can paste onto your pictures without the need for any type of graphic design experience.

It’s literally drag and resize and you’re good to go!

You could also change the colors to better fit your photo!

I mean look at these cute examples!


Via BabyPics


Via BabyPics


Via BabyPics


This erases the need for all those posters, letterboards, or chalkboards.

So you just snap a picture right when you want to, without the prep, and just edit later!


I would have really appreciated something like this during my first pregnancy as I recall the hassle I went through to get all those photos compiled!

I am not a skilled calligrapher so I would have to redo my writing multiple times before it looked good enough for a picture.

With this, you get beautiful and perfect artwork every time!

And, since they also share pictures other moms have tagged using the app, you get a daily dose of inspiration for keepsake photos you never even thought of taking!


Here is a picture I took and edited and I can say that I am in love for sure!



I just think it’s a super neat app for picture loving mommas to have throughout pregnancy, and beyond!


20. Don’t Buy These Postpartum Care Items if You’re Delivering at the Hospital!

One of the biggest mistakes I made during my first pregnancy was buying a bunch of postpartum recovery essentials, I still have most of them underneath my bathroom sink.

I was just never told that my hospital would give so much of this stuff away since it was already included in my hospital bill!

These include peri bottles, TUCKS medicated pads, Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray, maxi pads, and mesh underwear.

So, don’t repeat my mistake, don’t waste your money on things that you’re already paying for!


I will add, though, that my hospital didn’t supply disposable incontinence underwear (‘diapers’) which although are super ugly were the most effective in containing all of the postpartum leakages.

Also, I did have to use an additional TUCKS tub, so be sure to grab plenty of extras!


Check with your hospital during your tour to see which items you will be given so that you know what you should actually purchase.


If you prefer using more gentler, natural alternatives, then I would suggest purchasing these:

61MKG6m-c4L._SL1500_ Via Amazon


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21. Plan Ahead and Prepare Kits!

This final hack is probably one of the most important in that it will be a HUGE help during your postpartum recovery and those first few weeks to months with your newborn baby.


While you still have time to think during your pregnancy, use it to plan ahead for after you deliver because once you have a newborn you won’t have time to think and plan only implement.

You have probably been mainly focused on prepping for baby and getting the nursery ready and that in itself will help you a lot, but don’t forget about you momma!


Things like all of your postpartum and breastfeeding essentials will be indispensable around the clock so having pre-made kits will help your daily routine easier.

And cooking meals will be near to impossible so having pre-made freezer meals will be a lifesaver if you don’t want to be stuck eating fast food for the next few weeks.


What You Will Need for Your Breastfeeding Kit

Breastfeeding Essentials

I have written an entire post about all of the breastfeeding essentials you’ll need and why you’ll need them along with tips on use that you could check out HERE.


As a brief overview, you’ll need:

  • Nursing Bra and Clothes (not included in my post yet, but you’ll need these)
  • Nursing Pads
  • Nipple Cream
  • Nursing Pillow
  • A Step Stool (not included in my post yet, but absolutely helpful!)
  • A Postpartum Pillow (I use the Bummaa pillow and I love it!; also not included on my list yet, but necessary!)
  • Soothies! (best soothing remedy for sore nipples!)
  • Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump (your breasts have a letdown at the same time to having this on the other breast while you nurse will save you some precious liquid gold!)
  • A Pump with Flanges (will help with increasing milk production and having a stash set aside)
  • Breastmilk Storage Bags
  • A Pumping Bra
  • Breast Therapy Pack (to prevent engorgement and mastitis)
  • Nursing Friendly Pacifiers and Bottle Nipples (avoid Nipple Confusion!)
  • Water Flask (you’ll get thirsty!)
  • Coconut Oil (or other oil; for pumping)
  • Lactation Cookies or Tea (galactagogues for increased milk production)
  • Some other optional items you can also include in your kit are Snacks (you get hungry!), an Extra Cell Phone Charger (primarily for those lonely pumping sessions), and a Remote or Laptop (also for when you pump if you would like to pass time or get other work done)


You could put these in a basket next to your nursing chair (or where you expect to nurse) for easy accessibility!


What You Will Need for Your Postpartum Kit

I haven’t written a post on your postpartum essentials but that is definitely something I plan on doing in the near future!

Having a postpartum kit ready-to-go in your restroom will also help make your postpartum recovery go smoother and make those restroom breaks hassle-free.


Here are some: of the things you’ll need (those that your hospital gives you are marked with an asterisk so you don’t have to purchase those unless you prefer to):


As with the breastfeeding essentials kit, putting these in a basket near the toilet will be SUPER helpful!


Freezer Meals

Freezer meals are something that I wish I tried during my first pregnancy, that is why I’m so early in my planning the freezer meal menu this time around.

When searching for freezer meal ideas one thing you could do is look up posted catalogs of freezer meals other mom bloggers have compiled, or you could create your own menu and freezer meal options by choosing recipes that you know could be stored and frozen.


I, personally, am doing both in that I’m going through other moms’ catalogs for freezer meal ideas and then adjusting my personal recipe favorites to be freezer-friendly options, always considering the notes about each meal when it comes to cooking times and temperatures and preparation techniques.


As a side note, freezer meals don’t last longer than 3 months so the best time to make them would have to be after you’re 32 weeks pregnant (2).


Here is a list of freezer meal options I am looking at trying (you can use it as a guide for some ideas, but hopefully I will release my official list of freezer meals soon!)

  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Tortilla Soup
  • Borsch
  • Zuppa Toscana
  • Meatball Soup
  • Beef Pot Roast
  • Lasagna
  • Beef Plov
  • Chicken and Mushroom Casserole
  • Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry
  • Chicken Enchiladas
  • Chicken and Beef Burritos
  • Beef and Bean Chilli
  • Slow Cooker BBQ Ribs
  • Stuffed Shells
  • Stuffed Chicken Parmesan
  • Broccoli Bacon Pasta Casserole
  • Instant Pot Crack Chicken
  • BBQ Crockpot Roast
  • Tuscan Chicken Pasta Bake


Here are some awesome resources you could check out that I found to be super helpful and informative!

27 Pre-Baby Freezer Meals – Kelly is an incredible expert of freezer meals so this post (along with all the other ones you’ll find on her site) are LOADED with useful information and tips on how you could start your pre-baby freezer stash and even the recipes and grocery lists you need to get going!

How I’ve Stocked My Freezer Before Baby – Denise is another freezer meal guru. Check out her awesome post on how she prepped for baby! There are so many details that I feel way more confident going about creating my stash!

HOW I STOCKED MY FREEZER BEFORE BABY: PRACTICAL TIPS, TRICKS, RECIPES AND ADVICE – Jackie also has a SUPER informative post on how she went about prepping for her baby with freezer meals. What I love is that she includes loads of tips for shopping and prep which for a newbie like me is so much appreciated!


Pregnancy Hacks.png


Pregnancy Hacks (2)

Pregnancy is a challenging season considering how much our bodies change and adjust to growing life.

These pregnancy hacks might not fix all of your pregnancy concerns, but they will definitely make things go a little smoother!


I really hope these come in handy and if you have any other awesome pregnancy hacks that you would like to share with thousands of other mommas that visit this site please do so in the comment section below.

I can’t wait to read through all your responses!

I’m still pregnant so they will already be helpful to me!

Wishing You Many Blessings

If you have made it this far I’d like to say thanks, for stopping by my little corner of the ‘mom web’!


This is completely off-topic, but since you’re probably pregnant I want to make sure that I say something that I wish I heard more every day of my pregnancy/motherhood journey.


Pregnancy can be both exciting and terrifying, but it’s such an incredible blessing!

Your life really does change when you become a mom.


No matter where you are on your journey, always remember that there is a plan and a purpose for everything in your life.

God has got everything under control.




Remember that always (especially when it’s a little more difficult than you expected it to be) because pregnancy is just the beginning of the most beautiful chapters of your life.

And they really are beautiful!


May God richly bless you, your family, your pregnancy, your baby, your labor and delivery, and BEYOND!!!


Don’t Forget to Share

Now back to the post!


If you found it helpful, don’t forget to share this with other mommas you know and care about.

Motherhood is a community where we support one another and I am so honored to contribute (even if it is in these small ways).


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Until next time mommas!



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