Love, Liliya is a blog about a first-time momma learning to run her own home and raise up a healthy baby girl while chasing her dreams.

I was born into the most family-centered culture (I’m Ukrainian 🇺🇦) where every young woman is expected to get married early, be an incredible cook, know how to clean her bathroom and most of all raise babies! I, to my embarrassment, knew zero to nothing on how to run a home when I got married. My husband, bless his heart, said he didn’t mind and loved me regardless. But with the amount of times my parents walked in to my home (unexpected of course) to a scene of dishes overflowed in my kitchen sink and laundry scattered across the living room couch, I began to question how ok he really was with it all (lol he’ll still say, “As long as you’re learning.”). Oh, and I’ve burned my food more than a dozen times, mind you, but yes I’m learning… slowly. Before you even go there, my momma was great! She tried to teach me and did so well (I wasn’t completely clueless ok), on how a housewife should be, but you see the problem is that I never wanted to be a housewife. I got A’s in school, went to a UC and set my eyes on medical school, so it’s not that they didn’t try, it’s that I’d write it off with an excuse to study.

Well, now I’m here. Finished my bachelors, in my gap year, with a newborn nursing in my arms, and can I just say it… I’m EXHAUSTED. I’m learning EVERYTHING there is to know about being a mom on top of still learning how to run my own home, WHILE applying to medical school. But I’m learning!

So what I decided to do is take everything I have learned, am learning and will learn and make it into a resource where career moms (like myself) can recollect their sanity and pick up their dignity. Proving to the world that, hey I can work AND be a successful momma!