Everyone makes it very clear that babies are expensive.

I know first hand that when I was pregnant with my first I too was overwhelmed by everything I ‘needed’ and the cost of it all.

I will say that yes, I spent a good chunk of change preparing, but I didn’t have to.


Looking back and learning from my experience, I realize that it really doesn’t have to be as pricy as everyone makes it out to be.

There were things that I bought that I didn’t even really use.

And I overspent on more occasions than I would like to admit on pricy brand gear when there was always a cheaper alternative that was just as good (if not better), though sold by a less well-known brand.


I realized pretty early on in the game that if I didn’t learn how to budget and save, our lifestyle would take hit.

So, for the first time in my life, I started to plan out my spendings, especially since I’m pregnant with baby number 2!

Not what anyone would like to admit, but I was an impulsive spender.

I just wish I had started sooner!


Don’t make my mistake, learn from it!

Here are 13 clever ways you can start saving money on baby while you are still pregnant!


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Disclosure: I have included affiliate links to products that I have used and enjoyed. These are for your convenience. I do receive compensation without any increase to your own price.

1. Purchase Diapers at Discount Stores or Using Coupons


One of the things I’ll be emphasizing on throughout the bulk of this post is the importance of stocking up on the bulk of baby items before your baby is born.

Items that are urgently needed tend to cost us the most due to convenience.

If you purchase in advance, like while you’re pregnant, you have greater opportunities to snag awesome deals and so save a lot of money!


Since you can expect to spend a lot on diapers, you should focus on building up your stockpile before your baby arrives.

That raffle is a great start, but you might need to still build on it to be fully covered.

That said, try to only purchase your diapers from either discount stores like TJMaxx, Home Goods, and Burlington or with coupons.


Discount Stores

I was surprised to find Honest and 7th Generation diapers at incredibly discounted prices at TJMaxx and Home Goods (like $15 off!).

The issue is that they have a very random and limited stock and they’re usually quickly snagged up, so it’s best to use this source while you’re pregnant as they aren’t always able to supply on urgent need.



Coupons, on the other hand, are readily available, so even if you don’t build up your diaper stockpile while pregnant, you can still get deals on diapers when needed urgently.

The advantage of couponing while pregnant is that you can wait for better deals to get the most out of your buck as time is on your side.


The Krazy Coupon Lady does a great job of both hoarding all the active diaper coupons so you don’t have to scour the web looking for them and giving tips on how to utilize them in combination with other deals for the most savings.

If you have the time and desire you can check out some experts, like Kristen, in the field of diaper stockpiling, they have saved hundreds of dollars on diapers with couponing and they share their secrets so that you can do so too.

The only disadvantage to couponing is that you are limited to generic vs more sensitive brands (there is one coupon for 7th Generation and one for Pampers Pure on the Krazy Coupon Lady website, but that’s it), but that could also be a personal preference.


Other Ways to Save on Diapers

Another way to save of diapers, and this is actually new to me (I have been missing out!!), is to buy diapers through Amazon Family.

I already have Amazon Prime, so I already use Amazon for the bulk of my baby purchases, however, I never visited the Amazon Family section of the site, and I really regret not doing so as I realized I could have saved a lot of money on diapers!


How it works is that when you sign up for qualifying subscriptions and then receive your first 5 items, you automatically get 20% off your following orders!

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Additionally, you are offered various exclusive deals which include your first purchase of different diapers that can be up to $10 off!

The best part is that you don’t have to drive around and shop for deals while you’re preggo, you can save from the comfort of your couch and get everything in two days!


2. Join Rewards Programs (and Use Them!)


You’ll be purchasing a lot of baby necessities so why not get back for them!

There are many rewards programs you should look into if you’re expecting as they’ll save you a good amount of money.


First, are the diaper rewards programs.

If you’re planning on purchasing Pampers or Huggies diapers then you’re in luck!


Both of these companies have incredible rewards programs that both give back for every purchase and include lots of coupons and other offers.

They’re also conveniently available as apps so that you can upload receipts on the go.


Here’s the Huggies Rewards Program:


And here is the Pampers Rewards Program:


Other more general rewards programs offer cashback for many baby product purchases, all you have to do is submit a receipt or use their link.

There are many Cash Back Rewards programs out there, but the two I use are EBates and Ibotta.

They’re similar yet serve different purposes.



With Ebates you get a percentage from every qualifying purchase you make using their link or when you link your credit card to their website.

Although your cashback really depends on a percent of the amount you spend (the more you spend the more you get back), when used correctly, you can really milk the proceeds in your benefit.

It just requires a little more effort and planning.


I suggest you stay away from impulse purchases and instead make a list of everything you need to buy, in advance.

Then take the list to Ebates and see which stores are selling what you are looking to purchase, for which stores the purchase qualifies, and then which gives the greatest return.


It’s a lot of work, but I would say that it is so worth it especially for those big-ticket baby items!


Join Ebates today and get a $10 credit just for joining!newebates

When you click on the link and sign up for an Ebates account you can get a $10 BONUS the first time you shop using either the Ebates desktop extension (the only way I do it or else I forget) or through the app.

That’s great motivation for really taking this money saving thing seriously! Don’t pass up the opportunity!


You really should get the desktop extension as it will automatically find deals and coupons for you while you browse shop at your favorite stores.

You don’t even have to think about it!


*** Update ***

I have already gotten $24 back  (what?!) just by simply clicking the ‘Activate Cash Back’ button on my browser right before I make my regular purchases.

If I’m already going to spend money, then why not get something in return!

Pregnancy Hacks

Check this out!

I just purchased two maternity dresses for an upcoming wedding and my baby shower via ASOS and got $2.56 back just like that!

I buy stuff from there ALL THE TIME.. why didn’t I start sooner!

Pregnancy Hacks Ebates.png



I use Ibotta primarily for in-store purchases (although you can also use it for online purchases too) as it’s easier for me to track.

What I love about Ibotta is that I get a real cash back value (not a percentage) from things that I was already planning on purchasing.


All you do is type ‘baby’ in the search engine and a variety of relevant offers are then listed.

There are a lot of additional bonuses that stack up with your regular offers (like getting $10 extra for $10 earned among others) which is also nice!







3. Make Baby Registries!


Just like wedding registries, what I love about baby registries is that they come with freebies and perks that can save you loads of cash just for completing them!

Sometimes you don’t even have to actually spend a penny!

And yes, you can join as many baby registries as you would like!


Here are a few (but there’s many more!) worth taking a look at…

buy-buy-baby-logo-vector-14.jpg    buybuyBABY Baby Registry

What I love about buybuyBABY is that since a lot of moms use their registry service, they also get a lot of feedback and reviews for many of the baby products which was the main thing I looked at as a first-time mom.

Oh, and you gotta love all of their 20% off coupons


Notable Perks: 

– Complimentary goody bag (includes samples, coupons, and a registry guide

– 15% completion discount of remaining registry items



Medium (need to go in-store to pick up the goody bag)

1667193 Register your baby at buybuyBABY here!


amazon.jpgAmazon Baby Registry

Amazon is the number one eCommerce store which means loads of parent reviews and perks if you are a Prime member that is (you can try out a free trial of their amazing services here if you haven’t done so yet!)

And, they offer the largest selection of baby products to choose from, and you can even add items from other websites!

Add the free two-day shipping and returns and I’m sold.

I honestly wish I had committed to their registry service because their perks are awesome!


Notable Perks: 

– Complimentary Welcome Box (up to a $35 value of popular baby products and/or samples)

– 10% (15% for Prime members) completion discount of remaining registry items

– $100 credit towards diapers and baby wipes after registry total purchase surpasses $1000

– Enter into a $2500 sweepstakes for your registry



Low (need to complete checklist and order $10 value item before receiving Welcome Box)

1667193 Register your baby at Amazon here!


Target-Logo.pngTarget Baby Registry

Target has a lot of great baby brands that are unique and cute, which makes it a favorite baby registry destination.

In addition to the popular selection, the perks of completing a Target registry make it irresistible.


Notable Perks: 

– Free Welcome Kit (up to a $80 value of popular baby products and/or samples!)

– 15% completion discount of remaining registry items 8 weeks before your baby’s due date (super nice!)



Medium (need to go in-store to guest services to pick up the goody bag)

1667193 Register your baby at Target here!


4. Take Advantage of FREE Product Trials and Samples

baby-freebies-3 Via The Krazy Coupon Lady

There are many companies out there that offer ‘free’ stuff, and I completely recommend taking advantage of them.


First, babies are sensitive and picky and since you can’t predict which products will work well with your baby, you’re sort of taking your chances when you buy things.

So, if you have a chance of sampling something, do it before you won’t out a splurge.


Second, chances are you’ll actually end up using some of these products, so getting to know what each brand has to offer will really help you get a general idea of what and how much you will really be spending.


Here are some companies offer awesome free product trials and samples:


Honest_Logo_Black.jpgThe Honest Company

The Honest Company offers a free trial sampler package called the Discovery Kit.

It includes a general assortment of diapers (x5) and wipes (x10), and it is free being that you pay for shipping and handling ($5.95).

It’s a great way to try the brand out without spending and potentially wasting more, just remember to cancel as the trial is automated to a subscription.


download.png  Bambo Nature

You can also try Bambo Nature’s eco-friendly diapers by just filling out their Contact Us form and letting their Customer Service Team know you’re interested in their brand diapers.


186db4d44b0dae38a3db33455cda3c32a0c8276c.png  Enfamil

Finally, Enfamil offers a variety of goodies from coupons to samples to special offers when you sign up for their Enfamil Family Beginnings® program.

You can expect to receive a Welcome Box full of formula coupons and Belly Badges™ within two weeks of signing up!


Another great place to snag samples from is your OBGYN doctor!

The same companies, and many others that aren’t listed here, leave a lot of samples in hospitals with the hopes that you will discover their brand and become a new customer.

Take advantage of these samples because they are valuable and they could potentially save you a couple of bucks here and there as well!


5. Make Sure to Have a Baby Shower


I’ll admit that this one is a given for me because I love to throw parties, and I’m blessed to have family and friends who love coming and even helping out.

That’s super important because in your state you will need plenty of help!


Baby showers are amazing in that they allow family and friends to help mom and dad prepare for the coming of their baby.

Babies can get pricy!

Well, and if you’re a new expecting parent, quite intimidating!

Having experienced parents come over and shower you with helpful gifts is the sure way to relieve some of that pressure.


Be sure to budget accordingly, though, because parties can rack up in the price tag!

I mean the point is to SAVE money, not spend it.


Here are some tips for saving/making money with a baby shower:

  • Choose where you are ok with spending extra (if you even want that option) and where you want to save.

I understand many moms don’t want to just cheap out when it comes to their baby shower (especially if it’s the first one), so spending a little bit more on something isn’t a huge deal for them.

I, for one, am ok with spending a little more on decor vs food, of course staying within budget.

So I will end up renting tableware and dessert table props and so on, while at the same time compromising the option of catered food, but others might prefer vice versa.


Now, if you don’t care for spending extra for your party, you could just implement these money saving ideas across the board.

    1  Use paper plates and utensils instead of renting a set.

You can still have a beautiful party with one-time use tableware.

I was overwhelmed with the large selection of beautiful patterns that they had last time I visited my local Michaels!


2  Make your own food instead of catering, just make sure to recruit help!

You can save a lot of money by choosing not to cater, that is if your menu is simple enough.

Also, try to make sure that you have help with the food as cooking for a crowd is stressful!

My mother and mother-in-law took full responsibility for food for my baby shower, which was amazing, so all I had to focus on was the decor and entertaining my guests (which I also had a lot of help with).


3  Host at your or someone’s home or a park instead of renting a venue.

Renting a venue for your baby shower can really skyrocket your spending.

Opt for free venues if possible.


4  DIY your own decor!

Try to craft some of your decor showpieces if you have the time and the desire to do so.

Many baby shower decorations can be purchased on Etsy, but they are oftentimes really pricy.


I really wanted to have a flower chandelier as a showcase decor piece at my baby shower, but the price for the one that was close to what I wanted was almost $200!

I decided to instead make one myself, exactly the way I wanted it and saved about $120 and ended up with a gorgeous chandelier that was twice as big!

Yes, it took some time to complete, but that’s the price I was willing to pay for exactly what I wanted at the price I wanted, so choose your battles wisely.


  • Stick to a Realistic Budget

The most important thing to keep in mind if you want to save/make money with a baby shower is to decide on a budget that won’t break the bank and will even help you out a little.

Your baby shower is as much of a celebration as it is also a way of allowing your guests to offer their support in this new chapter of your life.

If you’re on a budget, don’t get too caught up in the food and decorating that it flusters your balance, remember that Pinterest-perfect showers aren’t essential to having a great baby shower you’ll actually cherish for years to come!


6. Have a Diaper Raffle at Your Baby Shower!


Via Shutterstock/Laboko

You go through a lot of diapers with baby if you choose the disposable route.

One way to minimize the financial burden of this much-needed baby essential is to have a diaper raffle at your baby shower.


How it works is that your guests are given a ticket and entered in a raffle for a high-value prize per package of disposable diapers that they bring, in addition to their gift.

You would normally advertise this option on or with the invitation.

Many baby showers I have attended (especially for first-time-moms) have had this option as it gives the new parents a huge advantage for when their baby arrives (I mean it’s essentially a diaper stockpile) and it saves them a lot of money too!


The prize for my raffle was a $100-value spa gift card that I purchased from Costco for $80, but that is not absolutely necessary.

Many moms go with a $50 gift card and that works out just as well since you can get a pack of diapers for around $10.

I will say, though, my guests were thrilled and I got more than triple my spendings in diapers so I definitely don’t regret it!


I think it’s an awesome idea that works out well for both mom and her guests, I mean who doesn’t like the idea of leaving a gifting party with a gift!


7.  Make a List of Everything You Need and Purchase Strategically


One of the best ways you could save money for your baby during pregnancy is to plan out your spendings.


1  Have a budget before you start spending.

  Baby items tend to rack up in price so beware!


2  Then, make a list of all of the items you really need for a baby.

 There are many lists and posts out there about what you need for baby.

Here is a great article that covers what you will need in order to prep for a new baby.

 I will primarily focus on what you really don’t have to buy.


3  Try to avoid purchases solely based on brands.

  Instead, look at the reviews!

  You really can’t guess which sleeper or activity gym will work for your baby.

  All you have is what has worked in the past for other babies and their mommas.

  I’d say that’s a great place to start as a first-time mom!


4  Be on the lookout for deals on anything and everything!

Once you have a budget and a list, you can then start to strategically make your purchases!


Be on the lookout for various closeout deals, I snagged a lot of baby clothes for great prices when Baby’s R Us was going out of business.

There are other baby stores looking to close their doors (like some Gymboree affiliated stores), so take advantage of it!

Also, keep a watchful eye on holiday deals like those around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, especially for big-ticket items like your car seat and crib.


Amazon has both awesome deals through their Amazon Family program and their Deal of the Day feature, so those are great perks for Amazon Prime holders.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep track in whether you’re actually getting a good deal for a purchase, that’s where an extension like Honey can actually be pretty helpful.

My favorite feature of the app/extension is that it tracks prices so it can tell you when is the best time to purchase an item, and if you mark an item it really does alert you when it’s price drops.


Additionally, when you use it as a desktop extension, it finds offers automatically for many store checkouts so that you get the best deal out there!

And just like with Ebates, you earn extra while you use the app, so double savings!

I don’t shop online without it.

It’s definitely worth checking out.


5  Finally, make sure to use the rewards programs where they’re applicable!

  I mean that’s the best way to get the most out of your purchases, so utilize it!


8. Don’t Splurge on Unnecessary Items


Ok, so I’ll admit that you can’t guess which items you won’t use, some of the items I include on the list other moms might swear by.

But, from experience, I’ll say there’s a way around each of these!


  • Maternity Clothes

One way that I saved a lot throughout my pregnancy is that I didn’t go out and spend a lot on maternity clothes.

For one, they can get pretty expensive for something that you can only wear for a short season, even if you expect to be pregnant more than once.


I only purchased maternity clothes that I absolutely needed, like 1-2 good pairs of jeans (I used a belly band so I only purchased these for the third trimester; you might need more depending on how many you expect to wear per week), tights, leggings, shapewear, and a couple special occasion dresses for my maternity photoshoot and baby shower.

Otherwise, I tried to purchase non-maternity dresses and shirts that I could fit while pregnant and then also wear when I’m not pregnant.


Here are are the styles that worked with me during pregnancy, even when my belly got super big, AND they’re items I wore after pregnancy too!


Shift Dresses

10836105-1-black Via ASOS

I love wearing shift dresses because they are super comfortable and loose (especially in the stomach area) and they never go out of style.

They’re my go-to if I’m just doing a quick errand and they give you that bit of dress without being too much.

I’ll admit that these can also be limited in their stretch so they’re limited to the first two trimesters, but nonetheless, they can sub the need for a maternity dress and you can wear them after pregnancy and still look cute!

Maxi Dresses

12023879-1-white Via ASOS

Like shift dresses, maxi dresses never go out of style.

The awesome thing about many maxi dresses is that many are very loose and some even stretchy, so if you have some in your closet already you can see which of them you could still wear!

Baggy/Flowy/Stretchy Shirts

9940644-1-ivory Via ASOS

Who doesn’t have a bunch of baggy, loose, or stretchy simple shirts in their closet?

I loved wearing these even before I was pregnant so I used them up all the way through pregnancy because many of them could still fit!

13156332-1-white Via ASOS


Large Sweaters

11032537-1-beige Via ASOS

Knit sweaters are perfect for the winter, especially if you’re pregnant.

Many can stretch pretty good, so if you find yourself needing a warmer top, these are great!

Anything Stretchy (Specifically Look for Spandex Options)

12408046-1-mauve Via ASOS


Now, all in all, anything stretchy is a good fit for pregnancy.

Most maternity wear is stretchy (like this dress that I bought for an upcoming wedding, which is also sold in regular petite).


I will warn that some fabrics might end up being ‘forever stretched’, so beware of which of your regular clothes you try to put on and avoid favorites!

Most clothes that are stretchy will be labeled as such in their online description, and if not just watch for the spandex in the fabric details.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t purchase maternity clothes, just know that you really don’t have to and that there’s ways to look cute while pregnant without buying a lot of them.


And when you do need to purchase maternity clothes, always check out the clearance sections for great deals and use Ebates when checking out!


  • Newborn Clothes and Shoes

Another tip I would give is to not overdo it with the newborn outfits and shoes.

Babies grow fast and honestly they will probably spend the bulk of those first few weeks sleeping (although in increments), so in their pajamas.


Having a decent amount of short (x3-4) and long (x3-4) sleeve onesies, and a decent amount of gowns (x2-3) and zip up pajamas (x2-3) is necessary, just don’t purchase too many cute newborn outfits, 2 is more than enough.


I would even stay away from newborn shoes completely and just stick with socks, most newborns will not find the idea of having their feet cramped into the one-size fits all compartment appealing (but that’s totally up to your preferences).

In my case, I was terrified to even attempt to put on any shoes, newborns are so fragile!


  • Blankets and Stuffed Animals

For some reason I was gifted a lot of blankets and stuffed animals, I will admit, not from what I call experienced moms.

I guess most people assume soft and baby go together, and they do, just not in that sense.


The truth is that blankets and stuffed animals will only come into your baby’s life much later.

Using blankets too early is a SIDS hazard, they should only be introduced when your baby is much more active and mobile.

And stuffed animals won’t be interesting for a long while until your baby gets older.


My daughter only started playing with her stuffed animals around her first birthday.

Instead, invest in 2 good sleep sacks (again, keep the tags for trial as your baby might not like the first one you get) and no more than 4 good, large swaddles, that’s it.


  • Swaddles

Yes, I mentioned them but they really do need their own category.

The reason is that these are also gifted A LOT.


I have received more than 20, and I made the mistake of opening up all of them instead of returning some.

What’s worse is that we ended up only using one brand, Aden & Anais, because of their size and texture (100% breathable, organic muslin cotton) and the rest went to waste.


Don’t make the same mistake.

I would agree with most moms that say one pack is plenty.


If you would like, keep multiple brands just to try out, but make sure you can return them later!


  • Pacifiers

Pacifiers were another item I had a lot of.

I’d say that first figure out which pacifiers your baby will take, my baby only took the MAMS, and then stock up up those.

Return the rest.


  • Baby Care Products

Shampoos, butt pastes, lotions, cleaning sprays, the whole 9 yards.

I purchased EVERYTHING there could be purchased from all of the organic brands, even the bubble bath soap!

My advice, minimal is more practical.


All I used was an all-in-one shampoo body wash, one butt paste cream, and one bottle of baby oil for after bath massages and cradle cap issues.

Everything else still sits under my bathroom sink.

Newborns don’t really need all of that extra stuff.


  • Postpartum Essentials

Finally, don’t splurge on postpartum essentials.

I had no idea what to expect going into the delivery rooms I bought everything I thought I needed.


I ended up finding out that the hospital supplies you with a lot of the postpartum essentials like a peri bottle, TUCK’s witch hazel cooling pads, Dermoplast anesthetic spray, and even maxi pads and knit panties.

I mean it’s included in your bill, so why would you pay double?!


Don’t make my mistake, find out what your hospital offers and only purchase the extras, that would probably be either extra maxi pads or mesh disposable underwear (which my hospital didn’t offer and I actually ended up using a lot of) and a postpartum pillow (which was my postpartum lifesaver, check out my postpartum post here).


9. Keep Labels and Receipts of All Your Purchases


I covered this tip extensively in the previous section, but I deem that most people won’t extensively read the entire article so I must highlight it as a point.

A great way to save A LOT of money during your pregnancy as you prep for baby is keep the tags AND receipts of ALL your purchases until the date of use.

Once you deem an item necessary to use AND you and your baby ‘like’ it, only then take off the tags and get rid of receipts.


This tip will go a long way, trust me.

I wish someone had told me this!


In my excitement, I opened every package I was gifted at my baby shower and went into nesting mode prepping baby’s nursery.

I ended up not using more than half of the things I bought.

I mean I guess I have a lot of leftovers for the next baby, but even then I don’t think I’ll be using the bulk of the swaddles, outfits, and blankets I was gifted.


Also, you really don’t know which items will actually work with your baby and which won’t.

So, save money and keep the tags and receipts!


10. Don’t Purchase Multiple Items with the Same Functions


The market for baby products is manipulative, to say the least.

Companies go through great lengths to convince parents they need this and that, and they prey on ignorant first-time parents especially.


I wouldn’t even say that it’s the companies so much so as it is the baby registries that I come across.

The ‘checklists’ that are on many baby registries are over the top and most don’t even explain why you even need something or not.

And the names given to different products can also be confusing to first-time parents.


Here are just a few items that I found that could serve the same purpose so that you don’t go and feel the need to purchase everything, and if you’re not a first-time parent and you already know this then just bear with me:


  • Places Where Babies Sleep.

So these first three differ in appearance but they all serve and/or offer the same function.


They include the bassinet, the cradle, and the Moses basket.

They each have their owns benefits (size, portability or even aesthetics), but the problem is that they can only safely hold your baby until about 6 months or until they are able to sit up.


The Pack n Play and the traditional crib are the bigger standard options as they’re made to ‘last’ a lot longer with your growing baby.

The reason why parents opt for both the crib and the bassinet is mainly that the cribs are huge for a newborn and they’re usually immobile, so getting a bassinet resolves that.

Now there are Pack n Plays that come with a bassinet feature that also fixes this issue, which is why so many parents opt for this money saving option instead of the former (be it not as cute as a Moses basket and an upholstered crib).


The final category, baby sleepers, are a little controversial.

They are the loungers, as in they aren’t advertised as products meant for baby sleeping in, but many parents use them for that exact purpose, as co-sleepers.

These include the Dock A Tot and the less expensive Snuggle Me loungers.

They can completely remove the need for a bassinet and even a crib (there is a toddler version Dock A Tot) if you’re looking into extended co-sleeping as an option, although I’d opt for the crib.

Our Story

So, I had purchased all three, as in a bassinet, a crib, and a lounger.

As a first-time parent, I had no idea what I actually needed so I was easy to sell to.

I really do regret all the money I spent (which was a lot!), however, in all honesty, you really can’t guess where your baby will prefer to sleep in.


My baby refused to sleep in the bassinet and the crib.

I tried everything.

She was breastfed and she preferred to sleep near me instead.


The Dock A Tot was my last resort as we were not getting any sleep, and frankly, trying the lounger was the safer alternative to having two sleep-deprived parents caring for a newborn (that was more scary for us).

We talked to our pediatrician about co-sleeping and after giving us a few precautions she gave us the ok to try it out.


We placed the Dock A Tot between our pillows so it was secure from the edges of the bed, and made sure that our blanket wasn’t covering it.

And it worked!

Our baby slept through the night no issues.


I will add that our baby was breastfed (which reduces the likelihood of SIDS), she wasn’t swaddled (so she wasn’t able to ‘roll’ onto the sides, which is the biggest risk of these co-sleepers), and she was a very physically strong newborn so she was able to hold her head up and support herself pretty early on.


Would I recommend it?

I can’t say that I could because SIDS is real and there have been fatalities even with these co-sleepers, and I believe parents should choose the safest option for them and consult with their pediatrician.

Just be informed and trust your instincts.


That said, the point of this article is saving money and not over buying the same ‘type’ of baby product.


I’d say the winner would definitely be the Pack N Play for all of its awesome features, but who knows, your baby might hate it, so keep the receipts just in case!


  • Products that Help Recreate the Womb to Help Babies Sleep.

We’ll start with the swaddles as they’re the simplest of the bunch.

Swaddles are basically thin sheets used mainly to swaddle newborns to help feel more secure.


Although they can be reused for many other things other than swaddling, they can be inconvenient and even ineffective for some babies.

For one, you have to wrap up your baby using specific techniques and often your baby is easily able to get out.

They’re also thin so they don’t do a great job of keeping your baby warm, unless you bundle them up with extra layers, but then you run the risk them overheating.


Sleep sacks, on the other hand, are prefabricated versions of swaddles.

They can be a little thicker which is perfect for cold nights, or thinner and without sleeves for summers.

The best part is that securing the sack is simple using either a zipper or velcro pads.

You can’t mess it up and it’s quick!

They might be a little pricier, but they’re so worth it!


I would say to try both and see which one work better and return what doesn’t work.

Remember, once you open a box of swaddles, you keep it, so open just one box. and even if your baby doesn’t like being swaddled you can always reuse the swaddles as burp cloths or nursing covers.

  • Places Where Babies ‘Hang Out’.

Every first-time mom’s dilemma is do I get the rocker, the swing, the bouncer, or all three (hey some products can make all three motions happen)?!

Or maybe it was just me?


I won’t spend too much time on this as there is no one product that fits all babies, but if this is something that is bothering you then I’ll say that reviews help a lot!

Just remember that you don’t have to buy one of each (maybe I’m just the weirdo that felt I had to), choose one and then try it out.

If it doesn’t work, return it and try another one.


My baby liked the Ingenuity Gliding Swing & Rocker even though it wasn’t the top of its category, although way overpriced (what was I thinking?!), yet she hated the popular 4moms rocker, probably because it was too soft in its movements.

It really is a hit or miss just don’t overspend, you can get a great product that works without overspending.


And a general word of advice, as I’ve heard many parents say this, sometimes the cheaper baby products work better than the more expensive stuff!


  • Places Where Babies Eat.

When it comes to where baby eats you do have more than one option.

You could either get the traditional highchair or you could opt for the less expensive booster seat.

I opted for the seat instead of the high chair mainly because of the space that I could save, and it was cheaper.

Also, the seats double up as sitting trainers and some have attachable activity tables.

However, it really all depends on what you’re looking for.


I will add that if you do choose to go with the seat instead, make sure that it offers the features you’re looking for.

I did end up getting a simple high chair from a discount store just because I didn’t purchase the right seat in the first place (I didn’t want to buy another one).

That’s why I emphasize on making sure that you get a good seat, one where your baby can comfortably eat at.


11. Prepare for Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding can save you a lot of money.

Even with all of the discounts and coupons you use, formula can still get pretty expensive.


A year of formula feeding can get up into the thousands, depending on the brand.

You can check out this awesome resource from KellyMom for calculating the exact cost to formula feeding a baby.

So, if you can avoid it, do so, especially if you’re scraping for change.


Now with that said, I do understand that breastfeeding does not always go as planned.

I, myself, struggled with it and if it wasn’t for all the support I got I probably would have thrown in the towel altogether.


I personally wish I had known more of what to expect as it would have saved me a lot of stress and frustration, so here is what I would suggest to do while you’re still pregnant so that you’re more ready for breastfeeding:

  • Do Some Research!

There are a lot of websites that offer a lot of great advice, so there’s definitely no shortage of information.

Look into the basics of breastfeeding like latch, pumping, milk supply, and positioning.

Even just learning the terms and basic techniques will give you a head start on things.


I have written a few articles on things I wish I had known about breastfeeding, so those could be good places to start.

Essential Tips for Breastfeeding Your Newborn

Essential Tips for Successfully Breastfeeding a Newborn






Breastfeeding Survival Guide: 12 Things I Wish I Knew About Breastfeeding






The Ultimate Guide to Feeding Your Baby Through a Nursing Strike.






My Breastfeeding Story: How I Went from Supplementing to a 400 oz Stash in a Month




My articles are free to access, but they do contain A LOT of information that could be overwelming to intake all at once.


If you’re really interested in taking this whole breastfeeding thing seriously you can check out this awesome breastfeeding course offered by a fellow momma and lactation consultant.

Stacey put together 13 super helpful videos that will teach you the fundamentals of breastfeeding success.


You will have access to these videos always, and whenever the course updates, you have access to those additions as well.

Once you join Milkology, you join a network of mommas just like you to help you along your breastfeeding journey as support is essential to the formula of success!


Best part is that it’s only $19!

You could check it out HERE!



  • Gather Support.

Like I mentioned earlier, having the right people back you up can be the difference between success and failure.

Breastfeeding can be very tough, especially for a first-time mom, so having encouragement and insight is essential.


Look into lactation consultants as they are experts when it comes to breastfeeding.

Also, rally up your close family and friends, especially the breastfeeding women that you know, letting them know that you’ll need their support to be successful.


  • Watch Breastfeeding In Action.

If you know someone who is breastfeeding, and you and they are comfortable with it, see if you can watch the action in person.

If you don’t have that opportunity, there are plenty of helpful and educational YouTube videos that offer a similar experience.


Once you do watch a few times, you could even ‘practice’ a little.

Buy some of the breastfeeding essentials and figure them out before baby arrives.

Some ideas include figuring out how the manual and/or automated pumps work and learning how to put on a nipple shield.


12. Consider Cloth Diapering


Via Shutterstock/Goncharov_Artem

So I know that I included a bunch of resources on how to save when buying disposable diapers, but if you really want to save on disposable diapers then you might consider not using them altogether.


Just like with breastfeeding, you can save a whole lot if you cloth diapered instead of buying disposable diapers.

Over a 2 1/2 year period you can expect to spend up to $1400 for generic disposable diapers, and up to a whopping $2500 on more earth-friendly brands.

download Via The Natural Baby Company

You can also check out this disposable diaper brand vs cloth diapers infographic for a breakdown of cost per diaper and cost per 3 years.

It really is astounding how much money is thrown away for these, not to mention how bad it is for the environment.

disposablecost Via All About Cloth Diapers

I personally never got into it (which I regret!) as I feel that there was a lot more prep work than I had expected and so getting into it while still figuring out how to care for a baby was overwhelming.

That’s why it is definitely something worth considering before baby comes as there are guidelines to how to use them, wash them, and what to even buy.


Also, it’s an upfront investment, unlike disposables which are purchased over the course of the 2-3 years.

However, once you buy the diapers, all that you invest in is the detergent and the water.


So, if that is something you’re considering, do your research ahead of time so that you’re ready to hit the ground running once baby arrives!


13. See If You Qualify for a Free Pump from Your Insurance Company


Last but certainly not least, save on a breast pump by getting one from your insurance.

Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, having the opportunity to feed your baby breast milk will only reap benefits for your baby’s health.

That’s why having a pump is so important.

The only problem is that they can get pretty pricy!


The good thing is that most insurances offer free pumps to expecting moms!

The way I found out about this was through family friends because otherwise, I had no idea!

So, call your insurance and find out if they offer pumps to expecting mom’s and they should give you information on how you can obtain yours.


Another tip that I wish someone gave me is that sometimes your baby’s pediatrician can prescribe a hospital grade pump to you for 6 months or more if you show that you absolutely need it for the well-being of your baby.

Those are the BEST pumps out there!

I received a free complementary pump from my insurance, however, since it took too long to arrive my pediatrician prescribed the Medela Symphony Hospital Grade Pump.


So, I had both for my use, and, honestly, all I used was the hospital grade pump.




There you have it!

My thirteen tips for saving money on baby while you’re pregnant.


I really hope these tips lessen the financial burden that comes with a new baby.

And trust me, they really will make a difference!


The last thing mommas should be worrying about when they have a newborn on their hands is money.

That’s why taking advantage of the time you’re pregnant to save up on baby stuff can really go a long way!


Sharing is Caring


Share this with other mommas you know and care about.

We need to help and empower each other to make mom life as easy as possible so we can continue to be super moms in all the important areas!


Stay smart momma and be on the lookout for more helpful posts!

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Until next time mommas!

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