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Tips on Toddler Cavity Prevention and Brushing that Every Parent Should Know!

Your child’s teeth are probably the last thing in your mind when it comes to parenting. That is until you wind up in the pediatric dentist’s office and hear that your barely three year old has a cavity that needs to be taken care of! If you think watching your child get their shots is

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Natural Remedies for Surviving Your Baby’s Flu/Cold

Baby’s first cold/flu is probably every parent’s worst nightmare. As a parent, I myself dread being sick. Now, seeing my little baby struggle through the symptoms of a cold is just heartbreaking! It seems that there isn’t much that I could do to help.   For the most part, that is true, getting through the

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Ways To Reduce Your Baby’s Risk for Obesity

Obesity has been on the rise and a lot goes into what actually puts anyone at risk. Although genes are an important factor, nurture is no less of an important facet of obesity. You as a mom have an enormous influence on whether or not your baby will be at risk for obesity later on

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