Easter is just around the corner and we have just the treat for you!

Literally loads of treats!

Check out these 26 Easter themed dessert tables and get your creative gears turning!

Be inspired to wow your guests with the most popping Easter dessert table that will have them drooling.

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1. Hello Spring Party by Sprinkles and Streamer

This ‘Hello, Spring’ Easter theme has cotton candy accents for the main color scheme that works perfectly with the seasonal celebration.

I love the fact that you can go with a variety of flower options for your tablescapes and still not go wrong!


2. Easter Dessert Table by Erin Choquette

If bold color schemes are not in your tastes, you might enjoy these hints of pastels on white scapes.

Add some soft tulips and you’re good to go!


3. Floral Chalkboard Easter Dessert Table from Catch My Party

Stand out from the crowd with this inspired rustic table!

Absolutely loved the details in this vintage theme.

From the beautiful chalkboard elements to the milk jugs and parchment wrapped mini bread loaves.

How cute!!!


4. Bunny Party by Soul Kids Director

Polka dots and ferris wheels!

The hints of gold in this pastel Easter theme add just the right amount of glam.

Catch those meringues on the ferris wheel?

That’s a PERFECT dessert to add to your Easter dessert table, and it’s so easy to make!


5. Little Bunny from @featuremyparty

If you are looking to throw an Easter tea party, this is just the theme-spiration for you!

The rustic elements work great with vintage style flowers and table settings!

Oh, and I love that bunny cake!

Super cute!


6. Sienna’s Birthday from My Baby Darling

A simple glam dessert table that makes a bold statement.

This many flowers can let you get away with having the minimum number of desserts without compromising on your dessert table ‘curb appeal’.


7. Countryside Party from Karas Party Ideas

Details, details, details!

The use of the pink egg carton was genius!

Why is it that Easter themed baby showers always get super creative with bringing out the adorable factor out of spring?!


8. Seersucker & Bow Tie Easter Party from Karas Party Ideas

This super sweet theme shows that simplicity can go a long way in presentation!

Those bows really tie everything together.

See what I did there!

Ok, I’ll stop..


9. Soft Pastel Party by Chickabug

Cupcakes and cookies make for the most perfect pastel themed dessert table!

And a lesson for the party planners, if you have a beautiful natural brick wall at your disposal, use it!


10. Easter Waffle Bar Brunch by Giggles Galore

Oh my waffles!

Check out that backdrop!

Now that is how you DIY!


11. Easter Party Printables and Colorful Dessert Table by Yellow Bliss Road

Daffodils look so perfect on this table!

They really bring out the yellow in any desserts you may choose to include in your table.

Also, check out the green lawn across the table!

What a great idea to include the mini chocolate eggs in the mix.

So creative!


12. Summer Garden Bridal Shower Ideas by Elegant Wedding

Although this engagement party dessert table doesn’t exactly scream Easter, the details are can prove inspirational for the perfect Easter dessert table!

Print flower cake.

Pastel tulle.

Miniature merengues.

I love it!


13. Hip Hop Over, Easter is here! from Catch My Party

If you’re looking for a cute yet modest display, this is the one for you.

Rice cupcakes for the win!


14. Dessert Table by Brit + Co

I’m getting the ‘Mad Hatter’ feel from this Easter dessert table.

It’s perfect for a tea party!

The vibrant greens complement the desserts so well that I am beginning to drool just looking at it!


15. Easter Dessert Table by @fiestadeolivia

Another color popping display to represent spring.

Vibrant colors really do make a party look more festive!


16. Children’s Easter Brunch by Just Destiny Mag

An Easter brunch dessert table that is perfect for small crowds.

I just love how natural and refreshing this look is.

Perfect for an outdoor venue.


17. Hop Hop Guest Dessert Feature by Amy Atlas

You can totally use small crates in your display if you’re looking to pull off more of a rustic/vintage look!

Simple and sweet, chocolate bunny inspiration.


18. Floral Easter Brunch from Kara’s Party Ideas

Oh so boho chic!

I love it that they made this Easter dessert table look so trendy.


19. An Easter Fete by Design Lotus

The color scheme of this decadent dessert table is more than just aesthetically beautiful.

It looks chocolate-mint-tasty… it’s a word I just made up!

An Easter Fete by Design Lotus

Via Minted


20. Easter Party for Kids from Kara’s Party ideas

This kids Easter party is just too adorable.

Super creative with the bunny tail drinks, too!


21. Bunny Bash from Catch My Party

Another lavender creation!

I love how they incorporated chocolate covered strawberries into this dessert table!



22. Charming Easter Party by Martha Stewart

Only Martha Stewart can pull off the perfect classic Easter look.

The dessert ideas included here are nothing short of unique and inspiring.


23. Flower Garden Easter By Tomkat

Pastels are my fave!

I am a sucker for these prints.

They just scream, “Spring is here!”


24. My Easter Table by Torie Jayne

Not exactly a dessert table, but a dessert display nonetheless!

So much pinspiration in one picture!

I’ll let you indulge..


25. Watercolor Felt Flower Baby Shower by Baby Blossom Company

This isn’t exactly an Easter themed dessert table, but oh my the flowers and patterns just cry spring in this gorgeous flower felt design!

This is for those that are detail oriented, I mean at all of those elements!

They even got away with not having an actual cake!



26. Pastel Easter Party from Kara’s Party Ideas

Last but definitely not least, we have one more pastel Easter look.

Symmetry in a dessert table is so appealing.

You can use it to your advantage, especially if you don’t have a large variety of desserts.


Well, that is it for the Easter dessert table inspiration.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to get on with decorating already!

That is so much easier than baking actual desserts!

At least for me!


Happy Easter! Happy decorating!



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