If you haven’t figured it out yet, you will soon enough.

Babies are messy!

Before they can even walk they leave a stained trail, and once they do start walking, all you end up doing all day is cleaning up after them.


You can’t really stop babies from making messes, it’s a natural part of their development.

What you can do, though, is to get smarter with managing the messes.


Want to get better at managing those different baby messes?

Who doesn’t, right?


Well, here are some things I have found that make clean up after baby much quicker and easier for mom!

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1. Lint Roller

Via Amazon


You might say.

Yes, really!

I mean you can use it for all sorts of messes!


I discovered this neat hack when I kept having to clean up food crumbs off of my floor, the play mat, and the crib.

I had been always reaching for wet paper towels when I went to clean up the crumbs.

This led me to waste so many rolls on constant clean up, not too mention, it was starting to cost me a pretty penny constantly stocking up on these!


One day, while I was rolling away lint off of my clothes, I got carried away..

Next thing I knew, I was rolling the lint roller all over my couch, the play mat, and then the floors.

Not only was it satisfying watching the crumbs come up, but it also made it so much easier to pick them all up in one go!


Ever since then, lint rollers have been one of my main go-to’s for those crumby messes (pun intended).

I keep them within reach.


You can an awesome and affordable 5-pack deal here!

Via Amazon
Via Amazon


2. Stain Remover Pens

Via Dreft

This one is a given before babies come along.

Accidents are inevitable and they always seem to happen at the worst of times.

Having these stain remover pens makes covering up stains at any moment in time possible.


Having a baby makes them that much more useful.

You never know when you are going to need to brush away a baby stain, be it spit-up, diarrhea, or breast/formula milk!


Unlike the other stain remover pens I have used, these pens have safer ingredients that are derived from natural sources, and they are still just as tough as the other more toxic brands.

Definitely an essential for every mom’s diaper bag!

Via Amazon


3. Water Wipes

You probably carry around baby wipes with you everywhere you go anyways, but here I am specifically talking about Water Wipes because I believe these are the best baby wipes EVER.

They are exactly what they say they are, water wipes.

Only made of water and fruit extract.

Amazing right?!


Not only do they work perfectly on cleaning your baby’s messy bottom, but they are so versatile on many other surfaces.

I use them for everything, and since they are only water and fruit extract, I don’t have to worry about any adverse reactions when I do use it on any surface (even my own or my baby’s face!).

Check out this post from Mommy Needs A Bottle for more water wipe use ideas (and why you’ll make sure to carry a pack on every road trip from now on!).


Say goodbye to all the different types of sticky messes that can happen on the go because these bad boys will always have your back!

Also, they do a great job on removing some stains too, just add a little soup and work it in with the wet wipe.


I usually buy these in bulk here and they last me sometimes up to four months!

Via Amazon
Via Amazon

4. Boogie Wipes

While we are on the topic of mess tackling wipes, I have to include boogie wipes on this list as well.

Although baby boogies might not seem like an overwhelming mess, they can become your worst nightmare, especially during the flu/cold season!

And not for the reason that you might think!


I’m not saying that you’ll be using these saline wipes on counters or clothes, although this post from Pregnancy&Newborn offers a wide variety of uses from these nifty wipes, but boogies do often end up on baby and momma clothes so these would help with cleaning those stains.

Still, they’re best used where they’re meant to be as they do a fantastic job of cleaning that mess right under your baby’s nose, and that, honestly, in the biggest and most stressful mess I’ve had to deal with through the winter months (oh how I dread stuffy noses!).


If you don’t use these saline wipes then you’re probably rubbing your baby’s sensitive nose with the closest napkin in sight.

And, over time, you’ll notice that the area gets incredibly irritated.

Poor baby!

That’s why I love these wipes.

They don’t irritate the nose because they’re moist, and since they are saline, they do an awesome job of loosening all those pesky boogies!


You can stock up on your own stash right here!

Via Amazon
Via Amazon

5. Coconut/Baby Oil

We’re back on the topic of poop, but after mentioning things that loosen boogies I have to mention the thing that loosens poop!


I have also listed this amazing hack in my post, 40+ Hacks Every Mom Should Know.

You should totally head over there, after for some more awesome hacks that first-time moms will especially appreciate!


Coconut/Baby oil does a good job of helping clean off meconium from your baby’s bottom.

Baby’s first poop is both very sticky and messy.

It can take a good stack of expensive baby wipes to clean off your baby’s bottom completely.

To avoid the waste, and struggle, try this tip and put some coconut or baby oil on your baby’s dirty bottom before beginning to wipe.

The oil has been known to loosen up the tough poop and help make changing a newborn’s diaper easier and quicker!


I like that this coconut oil comes conveniently with a spray bottle, otherwise, you could just use an extra peri bottle from the hospital instead.

Via Amazon
Via Amazon

6. Shower Curtain Liner

So I actually saw this idea on Pinterest (the Krazy Coupon Lady always has loads of awesome parenting hacks!) and I just thought it was genius!


Every momma knows that if you put food in front of a baby, most often than not, most of it ends up on the floor!

That calls for a lot of extra cleaning after every meal.

That ends up taking a lot of energy!


Many moms find it way easier to just put a shower curtain liner right underneath their baby’s high chair so that once their baby is finished eating, all you do is wipe and put it away.

No dirty and sticky floors!


And you don’t have to necessarily change it out after every meal.

You can just keep it underneath the high chair regularly, just spot clean here and there, and then when guests come over you could just quickly stash it away!


If you would like to use something more aesthetic and convenient, you could purchase this splat mat.

They come is a variety of beautiful patterns and best of all they are machine washable!

Yay for convenience!

Via Amazon
Via Amazon

7. Play & Go Mat

Via Amazon

I ran across these nifty toy storage bags recently, and I must say that they are quite the invention!



Toys everywhere!

What can you possibly do to minimize the amount of cleaning you have to do after play time?

Well having a toy storage bag that conveniently transforms into a playmat and then back into a storage bag does make things a lot simpler.


Sure babies won’t necessarily leave all of their toys on the mat, however, the fact that all you have to do is put the toys in the center before assembling into a bag already makes toy clean up so much faster!

Best of all, you can stash away that bag out of sight without any issues.


Check out various bag designs that your kids will adore here!

Via Amazon
Via Amazon

8. Plastic/Cardboard Bin

I have noticed that my 1-year-old baby enjoys playing in snug environments, like that offered by bins.

Since the walls aren’t super high, babies don’t feel ‘stuck’ and so they are more relaxed in a bin vs a playpen (at least that was the case with my baby).


These snug bins are perfect for playtime, especially when your baby is having sensory play with noodles or moon sand!

It makes for the best clean up because all you have to do is take your baby out.

Clean off baby and then just put the lid on the box before putting it away.


No need for stressful messes!

Via Amazon

9. Handheld Vacuum

Via Amazon

Last, but definitely not least is the absolutely necessary hand-held vacuum.

Oh, how would we ever live without one of these cool gadgets?


No mess can escape the vacuum, and no crumb can hide!


I honestly don’t really need to explain why you should have one of these because I’m guessing you either already have one or you are looking into investing into one.

I will say, though, that you should make sure to not only have one at home, but look into investing into one to keep in the car.

That’s where the worst messes are.

I mean what did we expect when giving our baby a snack and then strapping them down for some time,

That is a recipe for disaster!


Check out this VERY POPULAR hand-held cordless vacuum!

Perfect for the car and for a quicker clean-up of those unpredictable messes.

Via Amazon


Babies are messy and always cleaning after one can be exhausting so having a short cut to clean available can reduce some of that stress.

These essentials are a must for moms who are looking to minimize to mess and reduce their cleaning time.


Do you have any tips or would you recommend essentials that you use and that help you save cleaning time so that you could instead focus on your little one?

If so, let me know in the comment section below!


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