Every first-time expecting mom would like to know what she should put on her baby registry.

There are just so many products and choices that it can often times feel overwhelming to choose the items you actually need.

When it was my turn, I filled up my registry with all the items I thought I would need.

Of course, I asked around moms I knew which items worked for them, and I peeked at other baby registries when I got the chance to.

However, I was still surprised when many of the items I ended up really needing and using often weren’t even on my registry!

Sure, big ticket items (bassinet, stroller, car seat, etc.) and the typical baby essentials (diapers, wipes, swaddles, etc.) are a daily necessity, however, there were things that I ended up needing that I never thought to put on my baby registry.

I am so grateful I discovered these products (many with the help of experienced moms, family and friends) which is why I would like to share them with you (especially if you’re a first-time mom)!

**Note: Number 9, the Fisher Price Sleeper, is officially off of the list due to recall. Scroll for more details.**

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Disclosure: I have included affiliate links to products that I have used and enjoyed. These are for your convenience. I do receive a small percentage of every purchase without any increase to your own price.

1.  Little Remedies Kit

71nUBjaX5uL._SX679_ Via Amazon

I highlight Gas Drops, but really this entire Little Remedies kit was so useful!

It includes Gripe Water, Acetomenophen, Simethicone Gas Drops, Saline Drops, a Nasal Aspirator (although I prefer the following product), and Butt Paste!

As a first-time mom, I never considered that I would need to purchase Gripe Water or Gas Drops because I had never heard of needing them before.

For the first-time-moms out there, newborn babies have an extremely sensitive and not fully developed digestive system.

Gas is a common bowel irritant that can be quite painful for a newborn that is unable to pass gas as efficiently.

Things like Gripe Water and other Gas Drops help pass the gas.

This is a must if you want to avoid fussy evenings!

Now, although I had heard about needing the rest of the items, I didn’t think to put them on my registry.

This entire kit, though, covered all of it, thankfully, because I needed it not too long after my baby was born!

It was gifted to me by my cousin-in-law at my baby shower so it also works as a great baby shower gift!

2.  NoseFrida

71-ZmtxxoqL._SX679_ Via Amazon

I cover this neat product more in-depth in my post on Remedies for Surviving Baby’s First Cold.

This works so much better than the typical aspirator as you control the suction, manually.

You’re sucking out all those boogies yourself.

Sounds gross, I know, but you don’t have to worry about anything as filter blocks the passage of anything unwanted from ever coming into your mouth.

Using this method, those stuffy noses become a thing of the past and your baby is able to breath easy again!

3.  Doc A Tot

81ecRGvj5gL._SY879_ Via Amazon

I remember seeing this co-sleeper in an Instagram post, but I didn’t think anything of it initially.

It looked neat, but definitely not a necessity.

Boy, was I wrong!

Thankfully a dear friend gifted this at my baby shower or else I would have had a lot more sleepless nights!

My newborn did not like sleeping in her bare bassinet.

I don’t blame her.

My womb was a warm and secure place, nothing like the bassinet.

She slept best on or near us, but that meant we weren’t getting any sleep.

That’s where the Doc-A-Tot comes in.

It was snug and warm for our baby, and it offered us the ability to co-sleep more safely.

We would place it between mine and my husband’s pillows so no danger of rollovers (it’s bulky too so you really can’t roll on top of it) and tucked the bedding securely below so that the bedding wouldn’t cover her (also another hazard to watch out for).

That’s when our baby started to actually sleep, which meant momma and daddy could sleep better too!

Breastfeeding at night also became much easier as I didn’t need to get out of bed to nurse.

I will note that you should definitely talk to your pediatrician before you co-sleep just so that you understand the risks and how to minimize them so as to keep your baby safe!

This co-sleeper is a bit pricey, so you can also consider alternative and less pricey brands.

Parents vouch for them that they work just as well.

4.  Ergo Carrier

81F3QoVTEwL._SL1500_ Via Amazon

Carriers always freaked me out because I was always skeptical of how secure they really were.

I had a friend recommend the Ergo Carrier when I asked her how she ever was able to get things done with her newborn.

She felt that the Ergo Carrier was the safest of all the carriers she tried, so I gave it a shot and have never looked back since.

It’s on the pricier end but for me, it was worth it.

The nice thing about this carrier is that it offers a variety of positions in which you could carry your baby.

Most importantly it’s ergonomic so your baby’s pelvis is safe!

I mentioned that I got this carrier in order to get things done with a baby and in my post, How to be a Hands-Free Parent: Getting Things Done With a Baby, I furthermore mention other products I use to be more productive with my baby and additional tips just on how I get things done.

5.  Disposable Diaper Bags

717QCI8tn+L._SX679_ Via Amazon
81H8tHNXRBL._SY879_ Via Amazon

I purchased this disposable diaper bag pack out of a whim and was glad that I did.

It was when I was out at a friend’s house with my baby one day.

I changed her stinky diaper and had nowhere to put it.

There was no diaper pail.

I definitely didn’t want to stink up her trash and then her house.

Then I remembered that I had these disposable bags conveniently stored in a cute case that was attached to my diaper bag (that’s why I like these ones so much!).

I put the diaper in the disposable bag and then Voila, stench contained.

This happened to me multiple times, so much so that I purchased additional refills!

These are surprisingly useful when you’re out with your baby!

I also used them for dirty clothes and trash, so definitely useful on the go.

As I mentioned earlier, I really like the cute cases these came with and the fact that they easily and conveniently attached to your diaper bag for easy access.

The disposable bags themselves also come in multiple scents or scentless which I also liked!

6.  Baby Sling Bath Tub

81+HzLSEltL._SX679_ Via Amazon

No one tells you this, but bathing a newborn can be quite stressful!

If you’re a new parent, handling a fragile newborn is already a challenge.

Now add soap!


They’re squirmy and they absolutely hate the cold.

I never looked forward to the baths and I definitely never even considered doing it on my own.

That is until I got this sling bathtub.

It was a total bath time game changer.

What I enjoy about this particular baby bathtub is that it comes with a separate newborn sling which makes it so much easier to bathe your baby.

Your newborn just lays there on the mesh fabric comfortably.

No hard and cold plastics to deal with if you don’t want to!

I definitely would not have stress free bathing sessions without this tub!

Apart from the Rosy Pink, this tub also comes in a Cool Aqua Blue.

For more bath time hacks you should definitely check out my post, 15 Mom Hacks and Tips for Bath Time.

7.  Baby Bottle Drying “Lawn”

71z1pG7kZ1L._SY879_ Via Amazon

I actually had this on my registry, but I just didn’t think it would be so useful.

I don’t know why I didn’t.

You wash SO many bottles.

Having a separate and clean place to put all of them is very convenient and necessary.

If I didn’t have this little drying rack I would probably have lost a lot of little parts and pieces.

Especially all those pumping parts!

It comes in two color options, a Vibrant Green and a Modern White.

I would definitely recommend you get this!

It’s very useful and cute!

8.  SKIP*HOP Chelsea Diaper Bag

51EACDr2GdL Via Amazon

By putting up this bag I mean to highlight getting a good diaper bag.

This just happens to be the one I was gifted and I just love it!

It isn’t cheap, but it’s got a lot of very useful features.

For one, the storage is insane.

There are 12 spacious pockets, and trust me I used every single one of them (I tend to overpack because you never know what you might need!).

It comes with a changing pad which I have used many times when I’m out and about with my baby (It’s cleaner than just the changing tables).

It also has the option of attaching and hanging conveniently from your stroller handles.

There are other color options, like Shimmer Grey and Rich Burgundy, if you prefer something other than the Chic Black.

I couldn’t be happier with the gift!

You don’t need to fork out a bill for this diaper bag if you find one that you like for a better price.

However, I recommend you really do invest in a good bag.

You won’t regret it!

9. Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper

81aVx5lgunL._SL1500_ Via Amazon

This sleeper was not on my radar before baby at all.

It wasn’t anything like the swings or rockers that I was scanning through because it wasn’t automated (although I just discovered that they do have an automated version!).

I didn’t think it looked like anything special, but let me tell you that it is definitely worth the hype.

The inclined design is absolutely GENIUS!

A colicky and gassy newborn can be your worst nightmare.

Although you might always make sure to burp your baby well before laying them down, sometimes it just isn’t enough to get everything out.

Then you get a fussy and tired baby that only can sleep upright in your arms.

That is where this handy sleeper comes in!

Babies sleep very well in it because of its angled resting position, your baby’s head is higher than the rest of their body.

So, even if you don’t burp baby completely, the sleeper will do the rest and help with releasing trapped gas.

Since this sleeper is so popular, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns which is always a bonus!

 ** Update! As of April 26, 2019, Fisher Price has recalled its incline sleepers as they had caused the deaths of at least 32 babies. Be aware mommas! First as a lesson to myself, we should never leave our babies alone and out of sight in any rock and play or sleeper, flat and on back is safest for sleep!

10.  Light-Up Car Mirror


Via Amazon

Before I got this neat gadget (upon recommendation), car rides were becoming difficult.

My baby girl hates her car seat.

She would immediately cry while I strapped her in and then continue to cry until I got to my destination.

This made me limit car ride trips overall, and reduce driving time to 5 minutes.

It was a nightmare!

I almost ran a stoplight (a horrifying moment for any mom) one time because I was distracted trying to calm her down.

Enough was enough, something had to be done.

That’s when my cousin recommended I get this light up, singing mirror.

Your baby can listen to the music, be entertained by the lights, and most importantly see that you’re right there with them (you haven’t left them!).

The coolest part is that it comes with a little remote that you could use to control the volume and the setting (night-time vs daytime).

Since I got it, it immediately worked at grabbing her attention.

I will admit that babies do get bored and this might not work for all, but in the long run, it worked really well for us!

Driving got a lot less stressful.

So, if you have a fussy car seat baby, try it out and see if it works for you!

Car rides definitely don’t need to be stressful!


11.  Shopping Cart Cover

71tknSdeRrL._SX522_ Via Amazon

So before I purchase this shopping cart cover I was the mom holding my baby with one hand and frantically wiping the baby seat with a sanitizing wipe with the other.

This gets much more difficult the bigger and heavier your baby gets!

Which is why I recommend getting this cover as soon as possible if you want to avoid the hassle!

I really regret not getting it sooner!

There’s even a Newborn version!

I used to just put my baby’s entire car seat inside the shopping cart 🤦🏽‍♀️.

What’s cool is that they have a pouch your phone can go into and additional pockets for other items like your car keys and baby toys.

I will admit that I have seen this on another mom’s baby registry, so I should have considered getting one.

I just thought it was a waste of money.

I was wrong!

I was actually wasting energy by not getting one sooner!


12.  Zip-Up Pajamas

Zipup Pjs

Via Amazon

Last on my list is zip-up pajamas, and come to think of it I probably should’ve listed it sooner because this is a newborn must buy.

I learned pretty early on in the game that button ups were a bad decision.

For one, newborn babies are squirmy yet fragile.

True, they aren’t as difficult as regular onesies (I hated putting these on, especially the long sleeved ones).

However, they are not quick enough.

By the time you get a few buttons clipped, your baby is usually upset because you have taken too long bugging them.

The middle of the night diaper change was bad enough.

They just want to get back to sleep

Seriously, every change would end in tears until I tried the zip-up pajamas.

I couldn’t believe how quick the zip-ups were.

Definitely made things easier because my baby would be going back to sleep in no time, no breakdowns.

I’ve heard some moms say that they worry about “zipping” their baby accidentally.

I’ll just say that it never happened to me.

The zippers on baby clothes usually aren’t rough enough for that.

Another downside is that because the zipper usually opens only at on foot, you usually have to bend the other foot to dress and undress your baby.

However, that really isn’t such a hassle.

Buttons are so much more tedious!

Apart from that, most experienced moms will direct you toward the zip-up pajamas, so keep that in mind when setting up your registry!


So that’s my list of baby registry must-haves every first-time mom should get.

I am so serious when I say that I really wish I had got some of these sooner than I had.

It is not an over-exaggeration to say that I really don’t think I would be able to function as well, not to mention super mom, without these products.

They made a HUGE difference in day to day functioning!

I like to say that if there’s an easier way to mom, why would you intentionally work harder:

There are much better areas to spend all that energy on.

Your baby needs it!

So go on and get em’!

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  1. Diana
    Diana says:

    I have been told by many people to never get button up pajamas for baby and if I get some from the baby shower to return them for pajamas with a zipper.

    • loveliliya
      loveliliya says:

      Thanks for the comment Diana. I would definitely recommend going with zip-up pajamas for newborns, for sure, but if they’re 3 months and up, then buttoning up isn’t such a big deal. It’s totally a preference thing, so it’s up to you! 🙂


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