To be honest, I didn’t go out searching for these, they just sort of were recommended to me on my journey through pregnancy and motherhood. Therefore, I don’t doubt that there might be other apps that are must-haves for mommas. However, I did find these five to be particularly useful!

A look ahead…

I. BabyCenter

II. WhatToExpect

III. BabyTracker

VI. TheWonderWeeks

V. WhiteNoise

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1. BabyCenter


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I found this app to be incredibly useful throughout pregnancy as well as baby’s first year. What’s neat is that every day you get new updates and access to useful resources that pertain almost to the dot on what you (or your baby) are going through that day. On top of that, those resources are most often expert advice (with cited information), so you know what you’re getting is up to date with the latest findings in the field.

Features I Enjoyed the Most…

  • Calendar Updates. I liked the BabyCenter’s calendar updates more than those of WhatToExpect in that they were more organized and visually appealing. Having larger icon options rather than a list made a huge difference for me.
  • Tools. This app offers many useful tools that could be used for conception, during pregnancy or postpartum. Instead of downloading a bunch of apps and wasting extra memory on your phone you have everything in one place.

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2. WhatToExpect


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This app is very similar with the BabyCenter app in that it tracks your pregnancy as well as baby’s first year. However, although it also contains expert advice and cited information, it’s information given on the basis of personal experience (following closely with the book) in an informal tone. So it’s definitely more-so preference whether you like one over the other, but the information is pretty consistent. I enjoyed having both because each would discuss different information each day, so I liked the variation.

Features I Enjoyed the Most…

  • Weekly Video Updates. What I preferred in the WhatToExpect app was their videos, there were more of them and they had a more personal tone. However, BabyCenter also has very good videos, and if you prefer a more formal tone, they might be for you.
  • Mommy Forums. I sort of discovered the WhatToExpect forums before BabyCenter’s so I have that bias in preferring them. Regardless, there are a lot more members on WTE and the neat thing is that you get email updates daily with the headers of that day’s discussions. I would read through them as I pumped at night, and it definitely helped me get through the rough patches knowing I wasn’t alone!

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3. BabyTracker


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This app is mainly for when the baby comes. What I didn’t know, once I became a mom, was how important tracking baby’s clean and diet diapers would be (they’re meant to assess if the baby is eating is adequate). On top of that, you need to know how long baby was fed (if breastfed) or how many ounces (if formula fed) as your pediatrician will ask you this during your first couple of visits. This app also gives the option of tracking baby’s sleep as well as how many ounces you pump, if you end up doing so. There are also ways to keep track of medication given and even milestones! I definitely found it incredibly useful!

Features I Enjoyed the Most…

  • Tracking Feedings and Diapers. Having an app that does this is incredibly helpful since it is something you will be expected to keep track of.
  • Tracking Amount if Pumped Milk. Another cool option I liked about the app was tracking my pumped milk. It definitely came in handy when I had an oversupply and was the main reason I used the app when diaper counting wasn’t essential anymore.

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4. TheWonderWeeks


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Want to know when your baby is going through a leap (or growth spurt)? Well, this is the app for you! Trust me when I say this, this will be something you will want to know. This app not only tracks your baby’s development, but it also gives information on how to take full advantage of each developmental curve with game and activity suggestions. Sure, some might argue that it isn’t all that accurate, however, generally, and at least for me, it was pretty accurate. I will say it was worth the $1.99 I paid for it!

Features I Enjoyed the Most (apart from knowing when my baby was going through a leap)…

  • The Signs of an Ongoing Leap. Knowing the approximate time of growth spurts is incredibly helpful. You’ll learn to track these better than today’s date, trust me on this one! However, knowing the signs of a leap is what makes the app so useful. It’s reassuring and gives you your sanity back since now you understand why baby acts a certain way at certain times.
  • The New Abilities of Baby Following a Leap. Leaps shouldn’t be dreaded necessarily because they signal your baby is developing and is learning more about their new world. It’s pretty exciting to watch your little one grow, and this app also tells you how they will change following each consecutive leap. They also offer activity ideas to best stimulate your baby’s new perceptions, so that’s an added bonus!

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5. WhiteNoise


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I actually didn’t use this app as often as I could have. I think the problem was that I didn’t know about it until my baby was older. Nonetheless, white noise really helps if you’re trying to put the baby to sleep in that it mimics sounds heard by the baby in the womb. Additionally, it produces a consistent sound so that the baby isn’t awoken easily by other noises. So if you don’t have a white noise machine, then this app is a good alternative, and it’s free (well, mostly)!

(Free) Features I Enjoyed the Most…

  • Has the Option of Timers. Since the app is used to fall asleep, you could time it so that it only plays for a designated amount of time or even set it to play a certain noise at a specific time.
  • Option to Make Your Own. This feature is probably the most fun in that you can create your own mixture of sounds (listening to the same thing gets pretty annoying, honestly) or you can record your own “white noise” sound. What can you possibly record? Well, I for one prefer the sound of my own air conditioner over the one they have prerecorded, so that’s what I ended up recording first! Play with it, though, and make it your own!

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You may know other super useful mom apps, so please tell me yours below!


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