I’ve always had a lot to say, especially on my experiences, but I’ve never had an urge to write anything down… until recently. And no, it’s not that I had some sort of artistic epiphany or discovered an inner creativity that has always been locked up inside and now is bursting forth, or anything like that (although that is still a possibility, so fingers crossed).

My daughter’s birth, well and the pregnancy itself, have been the greatest life-altering events in my life (marriage, though, still comes at a close second)! I’m sure any other first-time mom will vouch to that. On top of having my entire life hijacked from me (not that I’m complaining or anything lol, I love my baby girl!), I have been forced to learn so much and adapt just to survive on a day-to-day basis! I know that without the support network I had, I’d be a hopeless wreck. So my hope is that by sharing my experiences it will not only help my little girl, since God-willing one day she’ll be in my shoes, but others going through the same chaos that is life. Plus, I have a lot more time on my hands since graduating from college (woot, woot!), at least I like to tell myself I do, so why not?!

As a Ukrainian immigrant, I grew up with two different perspectives on the “right way” to do things. At the end of the day, I felt like I never was sure of what the “right way” was, but hey, life doesn’t ask you if you’re ready right? So this is living with an East meets West flavor while trying to manage an already hectic life as a wife, momma, women’s ministry leader, student and now a blogger. So hold on tight because who knows what awaits!



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