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My Top 5 Useful Apps for First Time Moms

To be honest, I didn’t go out searching for these, they just sort of were recommended to me on my journey through pregnancy and motherhood. Therefore, I don’t doubt that there might be other apps that are must-haves for mommas. However, I did find these five to be particularly useful! A look ahead… I. BabyCenter

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Mom Hack: Surviving the Newborn Phase

Oh, the newborn phase, when sleep is but a memory and your entire life is consummated in one little human. As a first-time-mom, when I entered this unknown territory, “shock” is an understatement to what I experienced (I am sure all you mommas can agree!). I am still recovering, more like adjusting. It’s like your

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Body-Shock: 11 Things No One Tells You About Your Post-Delivery Body

When I thought body discomfort with getting pregnant, my first (and only) thought was labor, right? Like I know labor is painful. Well, I also learned that pregnancy was no vacation either, but NO ONE told me about the torture boot camp that is post-partum (probably because no one wants to talk about it or

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