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(Surprising!) Baby Registry Items I Couldn’t Super Mom Without

Every first-time expecting mom would like to know what she should put on her baby registry. There are just so many products and choices that it can often times feel overwhelming to choose the items you actually need. When it was my turn, I filled up my registry with all the items I thought I

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15 Mom Hacks and Tips for Bath Time

Bath time in our house was not easy, to say the least. Some babies enjoy baths while others absolutely dread it (ie. ours)! I like to compare baby baths to handling a wet bar of soap, except babies are squirmier. Add the stress of a crying fragile baby (especially a newborn) and you might as

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7 Newborn-Care Practices That Have Changed

So everything I learned in the first couple of days post-pregnancy was on the go. Family, friends, lactation consultants, pediatricians and, of course, Dr. Google, were my go-to sources for all things questionable and worrisome. For the most part, all the advice was incredibly helpful, especially that which was given by my parents and in-laws.

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