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Mom Hack: Surviving the Newborn Phase

Oh, the newborn phase, when sleep is but a memory and your entire life is consummated in one little human. As a first-time-mom, when I entered this unknown territory, “shock” is an understatement to what I experienced (I am sure all you mommas can agree!). I am still recovering, more like adjusting. It’s like your

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Why You Need to Start Your Day Right! – A Good Start Gets a Great Finish (5 Steps)

A change in the right direction requires a good start, and where best to begin than your mornings. Everyone knows that starting your day right is important, and if you don’t know it yet, you will eventually figure it out! I know that if my mornings are off, my whole day sort of falls flat.

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13 Breastfeeding Essentials for First-Time Moms (And How to Use Them)

  When I started breastfeeding, well, I didn’t know anything about how it all worked, let alone what to use (have you seen how many things they sell for breastfeeding?!). I underwent a period where I binge bought a bunch of stuff, and later didn’t end up needing it. So, I decided to compile a

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Body-Shock: 11 Things No One Tells You About Your Post-Delivery Body

When I thought body discomfort with getting pregnant, my first (and only) thought was labor, right? Like I know labor is painful. Well, I also learned that pregnancy was no vacation either, but NO ONE told me about the torture boot camp that is post-partum (probably because no one wants to talk about it or

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Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE Labor

Everything You Need to Know Before Labor // A First-Time-Mom Guide to Labor

I am not one of those girls that read up on pregnancy and birth or that attended any pregnancy classes (although they were offered), so partially it’s my fault that I was so unprepared for what lied ahead. I assumed (to my own detriment) that it would be no huge deal that I was delivering

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7 Newborn-Care Practices That Have Changed

So everything I learned in the first couple of days post-pregnancy was on the go. Family, friends, lactation consultants, pediatricians and, of course, Dr. Google, were my go-to sources for all things questionable and worrisome. For the most part, all the advice was incredibly helpful, especially that which was given by my parents and in-laws.

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